Nintendo continues white-on-red logo rebranding

We've seen it at retail spaces and inside the Nintendo World Store. Now Nintendo has continued the white logo on red background design with your YouTube channel, as seen today. I guess this is a concerted effort to get things back to the vibrant red-and-white times. Thanks to Andrew for the heads up!

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Mon Apr 04 16 05:47pm
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Now we have light across all platforms.

And well, Steam is dark and judged aside from the others, so yeah.

But official logo is still gray right? T.T

Why are you crying? the gray logo sucked XD original red logo master race!

That's why, because when it being gray is a bit sad.

I'm happy about this. Very Happy

I would not have even noticed.

zero revolution
Mon Apr 04 16 05:39pm
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YES! I much prefer this logo to the gray, I'm honestly not sure why they changed it in the first place.

Same! Red invokes fun more than gray. Gray just seemed so bland.

Same here. While the gray and white was very professional and clean looking, it lost that fun aspect. Red Nintendo just feels more fun.

I always figured they changed it to invoke an Apple-like feeling - a brand / logo that is clean [but sterile], professional [but boring], and non-offensive [marketable to all].

It's long overdue that Nintendo went back to their roots again. What they're known for.

Mon Apr 04 16 05:45pm
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I like this it stands out, as opposed to the boring green and blue of the other guys. And as for the gray and white logo Nintendo are currently using, I'm not a fan of it.

Mon Apr 04 16 05:47pm
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Now we have light across all platforms.

And well, Steam is dark and judged aside from the others, so yeah.

Tue Apr 05 16 01:34am
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Is Sony supposed to be blue?
Their main color over the years has been a little bit all over the place with some grey, some blue but mainly black. Apart from the first one, all Sony products are black and only the PS2 and 4 actually have a touch of blue. I agree they use blue quite a lot in their ads though.

I think it was even part of Nintendo's strategy to complement Sony when they turned white/grey.
Blue is also used a lot by Nintendo, mainly with white, since the Wii days. Maybe Nintendo has decided that they lost the battle over the blue color and recognized that it is now seen as a very Sony color if that makes sense. As far as I'm concerned I think color recognition and associations between brands and colors are extremely important. So they might as well go back to red even if I think it is the harder of the three colors to use in ads because it's very agressive.

I think this comes to mind. What if Nintendo had red cases for all their games and not just Mario. Or do you prefer the white cases?

Oh yeah, the cases of course. Makes sense ^^

I think going for red cases would be a bold move. As I said, out of the three colors, red probably is the one that is more difficult to handle because of how prominent and agresive it is. However, they could go for a smaller red stripe on top of their own cases, or just work on the proper red (or the right plastic) and I'd be all over it. I'm pretty sure it would be good for brand recognition.

I would love to see all Nintendo cases red, but not as ugly as they did with the New Super Mario Bros. Wii case

About time! Red invokes fun, whereas grey is just bland and sterile, and obviously stands out.

Now if we can just get the red-on-white back.

It's settled then- the NX is going to be a Virtual Boy successor. Golly!

I like this logo a lot. When I walk into a Gamestop or Target, I can more easily spot the Nintendo section. I approve!

Mon Apr 04 16 07:19pm
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This is the news I do like to hear.

White on red might even be better for their image and logo; an easy throwback to their roots while still turning things on their head.

It has begun! your soul is MINE!

I called it! [kinda...] When we were discussing what the new console could've been, when people had even less of a clue what it was, everyone was throwing things they would like to see. The red logo was on my list [along with the hybrid console/handheld and just naming whatever it turned out to be the "nintendo".] Here's hoping for the other ones!

Diddy Kong hat logo confirmed

Diddy Kong Racing 2 is coming, baby! I can feel it!

As an Olympiakos fans, I'm okay with this.

I will take the Red on White or White on Red over the Gray Logo they were supporting for a long time.


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