Star Fox Zero - Battle Begins animated short incoming, stream on April 20 at 3PM PT

''Join us for the world premiere of a Star Fox Zero animated short, followed by Nintendo Treehouse: Live with Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard on April 20th at 3 PM PT! You can watch at live.nintendo.com. Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins was produced in collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto, and Production IG and WIT Studios.''

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They should have went with that art style for the game.

Agreed, it would stand out way more then. I'm sure the Wii U could pull it off technically.

Mon Apr 18 16 12:00pm
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I suppose the only excuse might be that production of this started way after Star Fox Zero went in production. An animation short could have be made in a shorter time frame.

Would have been nice though. Looks a bit like the celshading, Platinum's Transformers had.

I find it curious how we're seeing animated promos for upcoming games, I do think one could work for Federation Force. Also one for Zelda on this style could fit with the style the game's going to have.

Yeah, so they can complain even more about how non-realistic the characters look. Hey, the new toy-like designs are fine.

I literally screamed with joy when I heard about this! Ah! This is so cool! I can't wait to see it!

Also agreed that this art style might have differentiated the game more [well, unless Zelda U hasn't changed it's art style since we saw it last anyway].

But hey, for a reimagining of 64, they're promoting this more than I thought they would. I hope it leads to a new title for SF fans on the NX platform!

What if it's like a TV pilot?

Nintendo's Thunderbirds

Is it just me or do these character animations have a really low framerate.

It's stylized that way.

And you cant undo that, but we can diminish the effects of it.

I'd say, they may have gone too far in a few places.

Tbh, it looks like something that was done by Polygon pictures.

If 20/04 is Star Fox day, could then 19/04 be Mother 3 day?(timezone make 19th in America to 20th in Japan)

For Nintendo really should say something tomorrow and not wait 8 more week for E3!

As I see IT, E3 should be as much Zelda Wii U/ NX as possible and Mother 3 would only fit as the "available after the presentation" game there, otherwise they should tell us tomorrow that the game will be coming to the west!

Is funny that SFZ and M3 is conected in 2 way.
First E3 2014 have the SFZ tease and the "Give us Mother 3" joke.
Second SFC and M3 came out in 2006( the last SF game if you Don't count the SF64 remake).

WHY didn't they make the game look like this!? =S

Because the animation came after the game?

What? I just mean, why didn't they decide to make the game look like this? It would have been pretty awesome and would have made the game stand out a lot more.

This would have been nice if the games art was done this way.

Ooooh neato!

I dont understand why this is a NOE thing

is this just something NOE did, or are they simply the first to announce it?


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