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Awesome style - I'd watch the heck out of this show. Also, great Krystal butt shot. :p

Careful, Nintendo might DMCA them. x_x.

Wed Apr 20 16 11:23am
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I hope Nintendo will let this be as it looks awesome.

The only thing I didn't like was Krystal gratuitous and unnecessary butt shot. Can we try to have female characters whose main trait would be something else than 'SHE HOT BRAH'?

I mean she's a f*cking animal for f*ck sake.

Wed Apr 20 16 11:35am
Rating: 1

But she is a very, *very* hot animal, brah. And that sweet accent? C'mon brah, don't hate on Krystal's sweet booty. XD

The channel wants to emulate anime intros, so I think they nailed a regrettable part of history.

Also, that's definitely not what animals look like.

Yeah well, you get the idea.

It looks awesome and they did an incredible job, it's just I was compleyely absorbed and then this happened and I was like 'Ew, why?'' It's not a big deal, I'll survive ^^


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