Nintendo & Vans collaborating on new shoe lineup set to launch in June


Nintendo and Vans have partnered on a shoe deal that will see a bunch of Nintendo-related shoe designs hit the market in June. The shoes you see above do not represent the entire collection, as there will be more designs revealed at a later date.

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Well looks like I'll be getting a new pair of shoes this summa! :D. maybe 2 ;)

Digging the high-tops.

OMG!!! I'm going to try to get those shoes!!!

The Duck Hunt pair look really sweet.

Definitely gonna get quite a few of these if my big feet will allow...

Is that second pair a famicom style? I like it, but I'm so tired of there being nothing but NES apparel. When will they ever make SNES designs?

Needs a DKC and Metroid themed shoe.

Would not be surprised to see this more expensive that they really should be. People already pay stupid amounts for basic shoes right now. IF they were less than $50, then I might jump on them. As it stands, I can buy a nice pair of shoes that last me for almost a year for under $20.

Tue May 03 16 09:03pm
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Please point me to the direction of those shoes then haha, I have spent under twenty bucks to only have shoes last me less than two months. It seems, in my luck, the more I spend the longer they tend to last. I bought a 70$ pair of Nikes two years ago and they look and feel brand new still. I wear them every single day. I've never owned Vans, so not sure how they hold up, but I'm hoping that they last awhile because I'm definitely picking up at least one of these (given they'll fit my big feet anyway).

I normally buy C9s... which are essentially Champions special brand. I wear them for work every day and they still are fine. And on the contrary, I've bought pairs of Adidas, Reebok, K-Swiss and Nike only to have them tear apart a month later. I usually have good luck with Champion or New Balance.

Damn Nintendo, back at it again with those licensed vans.

What do you know, Nintendo releases new merch and it's all 8-bit or retro themed. I wish they'd get some decent designers instead of just plastering patterns all over everything. It's just like half of their special edition 3ds'.

I've been in the market for some skater shoes, and I don't even skate.

poser alert! off with his head!

Definitely gonna try to snag me that second pair.

Nice, a collaboration between two brands who were at their pinnacle in the 90s.


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