A closer look at Splatoon's sales success in Japan

Splatoon has been a major success for Nintendo in all areas of the world, even moreso when you consider the small install base of the Wii U. Perhaps the sales scene in Japan goes to show just how well the game was embraced.

When you look at sales numbers, Splatoon has sold 1.356.993 in Japan. If you don't count the 'Wii' series of games, that makes Splatoon the most successful IP launch on consoles when looking at previous generations (PS2, PS3, Wii). The tie ratio for Splatoon is just about 50%, meaning half the Wii U owners in Japan own a copy of Splatoon. I'd say that's a pretty impressive stat!

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Metroid will never be that successful.

f Metroid can have co-op feel like MH games then I feel it can turn around. The whole space adventure needs to be explored socially & hunted with teammates. If they can nail that then it might stand a better chance.

So you're rooting for Federation Force? Since I think that's Nintendo attempt in doing that.

In a way yes but the way they went about it with how it looks is stupid. Its like they left big head mode on from Golden Eye 64 cheat. I said the same thing with Star Fox Zero. If they had done Free roam with 2-4 ppl local or online then they could have done WONDERS with that game. Players could split up to tackle wars on different plants or in space ect. Having to leave the planet into space without loading ect would be epic, But they didn't see Star Fox like that. We all know Nin are behind the times & I can see why they are working with some of their 3rd parties friends to learn some new stuff.

But they are not all that behind on all things. Look at Fire Emblem, if they want to break away from the old they can do it. It just takes risk, which I see what they are doing on Metroid Fed but it needs way more then it looks now.


You tell 'em.

Sat May 14 16 01:53pm
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So my two takeaways:
1. New IP can absolutely still be successful. Not every game needs Mario or Link.
2. These new guys made a more successful game than recent releases from names like Sakamoto and Miyamoto.

Change can be good, and I hope Nintendo embraces it.

Sometimes you have an Splatoon other times you get a Wonderful 101. Despite both being good one didn't had as much appeal.

Frankly I think both have made more stuff they've wanted for themselves than games everyone wants. I suppose it'll be nice having more of the latter and a bit of the former.

So far the main attempts at change have been in hardware, but like Reggie has said in the past; "people wants what's familiar with the excitement of new."

Does anyone know about the complete version of this artwork?

Damn, I wanna print that and put it in my room.

Thanks, bro. .D

"Content is too short (minimum is 20 characters)" (just putting here to be able to post this)

Try putting some spaces after your sentence next time and it'll post.

Nice! I'll change mine out too.

Wait... Only around 50% attach rate? That means, In internet lingo, the game sold like absolute ass and Nintendo needs to fire people!

^ That makes no sense.. lol. This game sold well over 1 million... IN JUST JAPAN! The Wii U sold a little over 3 million units in Japan so about a 50% attach rate is well over a million sold. The TOTAL sales for Splatoon are over 4 million worldwide. That's REALLY good for a completely new IP and such a small Wii U user base.

Perhaps you need to re-read what I wrote. It was not a jab at Splatoon or Nintendo, it was mocking how the internet handles comparisons and if it's not 1st it might as well be last.

well yeah of course but the big picture here is actually simple !
there are no titles that sold over 1 million on any sony home system for the last ten year (except for ff13). It's the most sold ever online game in japan , sold more than any non monster hunter psp title , it wiped out any online shooter in japan, it's the standard now, five six seven times what every of those western titles "triumphing" in japan did gta included, and so on

bottom line , it's an incredible success for any platform in japan, most platforms don't have one of those, and only around 1~5 for non nintendo systems. The vita won't and the ps4 neither... maybe just one.

If the Internet said it, it must be true!!


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