Pokemon Sun/Moon - new look at battle system

Some new footage of Pokemon Sun/Moon popped up today. While almost the entire video was the same as content we've seen before, it did show one quick look at the battle system. As you can see, there are certainly some elements that are markedly different from previous Pokemon games. Looks like more attention to detail has been put into the battle scene overall.

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Just looks like a new battle location. I believe we have had trees previously but I don't think there's ever been a battle within a town in the newer gens which would have houses in the background.

Hopefully the game is n3DS enhanced for better framerate and 3D outside of battles.

Also note that there are spectators in the background, as well as the trainers being constantly visible during the battle. ^^ Which are pretty 'big' changes, though I am sure spectators will only appear in special battles.

I never thought about the trainers being visible.

Yeah, people seems to miss that detail a lot. Maybe they all feel it should have already been a thing since forever, haha. Either way, it is nice to see.

Could it be that battles actually happen in the 3D environment? This would be a nice twist. At least in gyms, maybe.

I think the noteworthy aspects are the people standing in the background, and what could be the opposing Rowlet's trainer standing behind it. Would like to think this suggests increased trainer involvement in a battle, but it's probably just an aesthetic element.

Loving the more lively background.

On talk of the battle system, I personally hope that one thing Pokemon Sun and Moon [finally] do is have your pokemon gain their X levels all at once [death to countless notifications]!

Always bugged me since Gen I [and I'm surprised I've never seen any posts requesting such]. It'd streamline training a bunch.

Never bothered me. It only ever happens for Pokemon you are boosting anyway. It would be a minor improvement, some people like to see the stat changes for every level.

I actually want the opposite! It bugged me that in X & Y, when a Pokémon gained a level when they're in their ball, they skipped the stat increase notification. It would only say "Pikachu grew to level 25!" without saying which stats it gained. I want to see their stat increase regardless of whether they're in a ball or not

Really? I swear it's been the same 'X grew to Level X!' then 'Stats screen' and rinse and repeat eleventy times since the series began...

Been a while since I played XY [over ORAS], though, but if so it's not something I'd personally like to see return [in it's current form].

And where is this footage?! Why hasn't it been posted!?

Because it isn't footage. Pokenchi just showed a bunch of screenshots at the end of the episode. What's in the news post is literally the only new information we got on the title.

Oh, ok. But he said it was new footage...

Yeah, a lot of people seem to be making that mistake. Not sure why.


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