New Skylander discovered on 2017 Skylanders calendar

As you can see on the bottom left corner, there's a new Skylander on the way. It seems to be some sort of Water Element penguin. I guess we'll learn more about this quite soon! Thanks to Jordan for the heads up.

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WTF did they do to Spyro? He looks horrible...

Where have you been for the past...6 years?

Haha, not looking at Skylanders.

They hit him with an ugly stick. Literally.

No not literally but ok.

Well, it's definitely not figuratively. :p

Yes it is... (I don't get your joke)

No joke. I do believe that Activision actually hit Spyro with a stick so badly, he turned into THAT. No figure of speech, a real stick.

Welcome to 2011, buddy, you're kinda late

Haha, just never saw this design before.

Skylanders: A fate worse than death...

I wouldn't know a new Skylander if it smacked me in the face.


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