Yooka-Laylee - info on collectibles and bonus multiplayer games

- blends N64-style platforming and collecting with modern trends
- every collectible will have value in some way
- collectible benefits include improved moves or access to new areas within large levels
- the game world can be transformed should a player go to the effort
- minecart runs are included
- collectibles are also found in "race circuits and along vast, undulating minecart tracks"
- collectible tokens unlock eight multiplayer arcade games with support for four players

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I just the collecting is just for high scores and it's not mandatory.

Basically, they said that you can decide whether the game is like Kazooie, or Tooie. You can choose just to tackle one path, or find and use collectables to expand the worlds, to make it more complex like Tooie. And that's actually just brilliant. I'm pleased every single time they tell us something new.

So you won't unlock some levels unless you get all the collectibles?

If it's just a few short extra levels like in DK Tropical Freeze, and it's fine.

But if it's a decent part of the game, then it's bad game design.

I mean it's an adventure platformer, you can focus on the main goal, or go out of your way to do other sections to find things, which lets you unlock more as you please. You go in a straight path, or turn once left to find more paths. Do it right away, or return back to it later. Exploring is a big part of these kinds of games. And in this game, you have a good control on it. To me, it sounds perfect.

Fri May 27 16 06:50pm
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I'm not talking about exploration...

Exploration is one thing, but having to collect all the collectibles in order to see a lot of the levels, then it's another story.

Exploring is fine. Everyone does that. C'mon, nobody picks a game like and go in a straight path, that's stupid.

This is not Call of Duty.

The problem is that with these games, they sometimes do like: "If you want to see that level, you're gotta collect this many medals". And then, while most of the medals you can find as you explore the levels to see new areas, some of them are in super obscure places that even if you did some good exploration, you would find them.

Sure, let a few levels locked for the people who want look for these super hard last medals, but most of the game... Most of game should be accessible for players who wanna play normally, while they explore the game to find new areas.

It doesn't sound perfect when most of the players won't be able to see most of the game without a walkthrough.

Let's say, the game has 50 levels. Sure, you can have 5 levels reserved for those players who do 100% of the game and collect everything, they deserve somethings... But all the rest... All the rest should open for everyone who play the game normally.

If a big part of you is not seen by most of the players, you're doing something wrong.

I'm pretty sure only a few of those collectables will be in obscure places, it should be obvious.

Still very concerned that this game is trying to do way too much. Definitely not my thing, but I hope it turns out great for those who are excited!!

It wasn't too much for them back in the N64 era. I'm pretty sure they'll do an amazing job.

Sun May 29 16 02:40am
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I can't wait for this game! I was a huge Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 fan. Those Ex-Rare guys over at Playtonic really seem like they know what they're doing. I'm really excited to play the Toybox demo in July (for Kickstarter backers only)!


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