Platinum currently looking at opportunities to create Bayonetta 3, says Kamiya

Coming from a Polygon interview with Hideki Kamiya...

When ask if he'd consider making a Bayonetta 3...

"To answer your question straightly, yes. It's actually something I've been thinking a lot about. We've talked a lot about it internally at the company and I've written some outlines for what the game would be. And I feel really confident it would be cool if we got the chance to make it. Right now, we're looking at opportunities... If that opportunity ever came up to make Bayonetta 3, that would be really, really cool."


Mon Jun 20 16 12:29am
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Come on, Nintendo. Let's do this.

The character seems to be getting a a popularity boost through Smash Bros. 4, which should only grow when the NX port gets released. So I can see Nintendo taking a chance on Bayonetta 3 in the near future. I'm certainly enjoyed what I've played of Bayonetta 2 so far...even if I royally suck at it.

I honestly think she got more popularity because Bayonetta went Nintendo exclusive and we all know how much Nintendo fans love their exclusives. Smash would help a ton if she was a base character but being a DLC one, it didn't really do much, I believe.

Her becoming Nintendo exclusive certainly put her on the radar of a decent amount of Nintendo fans, myself included, but Smash Bros. is definitely the biggest factor, I think. I've seen several people both on and offline who had no idea who the hell she was discover the character's existence purely through her existence as DLC in the party fighter. Combine that with Pewdiepie playing the actual Bayonetta games for a bit, and you've got a recipe for popularity boost that I think Nintendo and Sega should capitalize on.

Nintendo, PLEASE produce this for the NX. We need it.

I'd love a third one. Bring it on!

If Nintendo doesn't publish it, it'll probably end up on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, like 98% of all third party games...didn't I do something like this before?

Third parties in Japan and in the West had an opportunity to publish Bayonetta 2. They all passed on the title. Furthermore, Bayonetta is not a big selling title. This is why Sega did not publish the second game and is more than likely the reason that other third parties skipped the title. Platinum themselves stated that Bayonetta 2 would not have be possible with out Nintendo. Another publisher may pick this title up but if the past is anything to go by then I seriously doubt it will happen.

Nintendo is smart (sometimes). They will get Bayonetta 3 exclusive on NX.

Considering it sold like crap on Wii U, I doubt Nintendo will take the chance with Platinum again. I can see Sony doing it, though.

Mon Jun 20 16 07:34am
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Sony wouldn't even bite on Bayo2. Nintendo was the only one. And whereas Nintendo was able to fund a port of the original Bayonetta game for Wii U, no one else will be able to have the sequel show up on their machines.

Also, around the time of Sin and Punishment 2, Iwata talked openly about green lighting some games that they know won't sell well, but will still achieve success in another way (by making their fans happy.) I wouldn't be surprised to see that spirit live on and Nintendo take a chance on Bayo3 for NX, especially after giving her an esteemed spot on the Smash roster.

(And let's not forget, Nintendo has a great relationship with Platinum. They worked with them (in some way) to produce 4 different games on the Wii U (one even coming after Bayo2.))

It sold 1 million copies without counting the digital ones. That's not too bad for a console with tiny install base - it's roughly a 10% attachment rate.

For a console with a huge attach rate it's not one of the favorites despite critical acclaim.

Well, it's not exactly the most mainstream concept possible. I think it sold very well for what it is. It's not like its budget required it to sell millions to be viable.

Now that I think about it, they could make more amiibos for Bayonetta to accompany the one from Smash.

We need to stop giving them amiibo ideas.

Man, amiibo is true third pillar of their business.

Now that I think about it. We never got the arwing one.

I suppose only safe stuff is gonna get one.

Yes but amiibo are not video games and there are a lot of people that simply can't stand Nintendo because of amiibo. I like them as figurines but they should be just that and not dodgy DLC.

But there are also people who don't buy Nintendo systems but do buy the figurines.

Though I think even Nintendo knows their amiibo support is lazy, so far it's so incredibly basic. Though at the same time maybe it should be more like a cheat code to access something hard to get in the game, like the arwing alternate skins in SF Zero.

Yes, which pretty much goes to say that people mostly care about amiibo as figurines rather than DLC, I think. Obviously having some added value as DLC is cool, but it's simply not the primary reason for buying them for most of us, and I hope Nintendo doesn't hold content back as hostage to lock behind amiibo. Mario Maker did it right where you could get stuff either way but you could unlock it quicker with amiibo. Not ideal, but it's the best possible compromise.

I think a game based on amiibo would be cool, although I probably wouldn't buy it, but I don't really like the amiibo functionality in games so far, I think it mostly takes away from the experience rather than enhancing it or at the very least it's completely boring and pointless.

nintendo better pull the trigger on this. this is the types of games needed for the NX. if nintendo cant secure this game like they did with the second one, they should just quit.

Nintendo if you bring back Bayonetta again for the NX, i'll buy the system as soon as bayonetta 3 is available. Bayonetta 2 for me is the best game on the Wii U right now!

i'll consider buying the NX even if it is going to be another Wii U situation.

Nintendo should have them already working on it for the NX...


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