Nintendo comments on fan requests to include Christina Grimmie in a Zelda game

We're sure you already know the sad news, but just incase you don't, here it is. Singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed during one of her performances just days ago. Christina Grimmie was well known for her amazing voice, but it turns out she was also a huge Zelda fan. She would often talk about the series in her YouTube videos and her fans picked up on this love of the franchise. That's why they've started numerous petitions and campaigns to get Nintendo to include her in a Zelda game. Nintendo has seen the requests and came back with the following response.

“We are aware of the outpouring of support for her, as well as the petition, but we won’t be making any creative or content decisions in this time of mourning.”

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Really good response. Ultimately if we let every time something tragic happened effect video games, movies or any other form of entertainment, we'd probably have a lot of almost pointless cameos. Nintendo's didn't outright shut down the petition either, but they're just not going to allow that petition and the current sadness of the matter have them make a decision or promise.

I think they handled it well.

Really good response. Ultimately if we let every time something tragic happened effect video games, movies or any other form of entertainment, we'd probably have a lot of almost pointless cameos. Nintendo's didn't outright shut down the petition either, but they're just not going to allow that petition and the current sadness of the matter have them make a decision or promise.

I think they handled it well.

I couldn't agree more with this.

Tue Jun 21 16 06:46pm
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Also, Robin Williams was arguably a more important Zelda celebrity since he was featured in a bunch of ads, and in the ads saying he named his daughter after Zelda, but he's not getting anything. No disrespect to the singer, it's truly horrible what happened, but if someone were to get a cameo, there's other people higher up on the list.

Plus like you said it would break immersion to see every person who loved a series die be featured. You could probably fill the game's world of NPCs if you did that.

Tue Jun 21 16 07:32pm
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Nintendo should definitely avoid getting bad press related to taking advantage of people's deaths to boost games sales.

It is good on Nintendo's part that they are respecting the deceased and their families by not doing anything of this sort.

Good, she should never be in the games neither should Robin Williams. Being a fan and dying shouldn't mean you should be put in a video game.

True.. but, remember Robin Williams helped the series by making two commercials. he actively had a hand in that.

So a send off to him wouldn't be too bad, he actually -did- stuff for Zelda

Grimmie, while a fan, didn't do that.

It doesn't matter. He shouldn't be in the game over some BS like that.

whats the BS? he's had a hand in helping advertise the series directly.

So what? Doesn't mean he should be an NPC. It's a stupid idea by fans.

Very closed minded.

They can easily put him in somewhere he doesn't effect anything.
hes earned it over grimmie, Ill say that much.

But its not a stupid idea, especially when Zelda's done fan things before.
LTTP's secret room, if you remember

What Harms the game or YOU about it?

Those people shouldn't be in the game. I don't care what they've done or who they are. They shouldn't be put in just because fans want it. It's stupid.

if someones earned it, then they can be a random NPC.

You can have your opinion. but its very narrow-minded.

I think for Williams? hes earned it
For grimmie? no

Its been awhile for Williams, i think the saddness is done.
So don't really care what you think, I'd be cool seeing him just on the country side, like as a lone wondering man.

Don't come at me with some BS saying "So don't really care what you think." I want you to remember that you replied to me. You didn't have to say anything to me since we have conflicting opinions. Don't you ever say that to me when you took your time to reply this long so you obviously care.

Neither of those people have earned anything and will never be put in the game. Smile

Robin Williams would be more so the one I'd say would get in first, if at all.

Grimmie is lovely, she was a huge fan, sure.

But, Williams actually helped the Zelda series out by staring in two commercials, the Ocarina of Time 3D one and Skyward Sword's

Thats assuming they include it anyway

I don't really get why the petition was made in the first place. I'm not familiar with this chick at all and I would not even know her name had she not died recently. So apparently she's a Zelda fan. So what? That's all it takes to get people to think Nintendo should put you in a Zelda game now?

Its the damn millennials who think everyone is a snowflake and needs to be treated like one. Im sure there are much, much bigger fans around than her, but because she was on youtube or something shes more valuable? Shame.

I really want to know why this is a response within gaming. I see it more often here than anywhere else that when some eceleb dies, no matter how popular or unpopular they are, there is an immediate rush to get to shoehorned into games that they liked.

I dont know if in this case its even near appropriate because all i know about the girl is she got shot here, but it really does make me cringe that people want a company from a totally different country to dedicate time and resources in tribute to someone theyve never known.
Same at the treehouse event, where people were getting upset the japanese devs didnt have the little ribbons, its just oversensitive and lacking any sort of scope.

I see no problem about Nintendo including small tributes to these people. Neither in giving a bigger tribute to someone as well known as Robin Williams. It would make a ton of people happy. If you personally wouldn't like it, you could just ignore it.

It'd be kinda hard to ignore if it is in the game you are wanting to play

But it wouldn't change the game itself.

Yeah, it would. Adding a cameo to the game changes the game.
Cameos are often pretty obnoxious, and don't really fit or mesh well with the rest of the material. There are more reasons why this wouldn't be a good idea, but other people in this thread already laid that out

For example, you could add a character which looks like Robin Williams, has probably the same aspects to it's personality, while you mix it in good, it'd be in the same graphical style as other characters, probably silent, like most characters in Zelda (not sure who's silent and who's not in the upcoming one though), etc., it wouldn't really change anything, it would be just another character.
And well, I simply disagree that cameos are obnoxious.

Wed Jun 22 16 02:25am
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I think we'll just need to agree to disagree here. I respect Robin Williams, and I do like seeing him. (Yes, do; I can still see him in movies in present day.) But having him as a cameo in a Zelda game just feels... odd. Almost as if you're playing with a corpse, so to speak. And seeing him in a game, you immediately know why he's put in it, and it breaks immersion immensely. It just doesn't mesh well
Christina Grimmie has even less reason to have a cameo. She's a fan and she's somewhat famous, but I don't think she really did anything for the series to warrant a cameo.

If we add in cameos for every single thing on the planet that passed away, games would become cluttered with things that would lose meaning years after the initial release. Honestly, the only thing I think they should do in this case is add a part in the ending credits like they do in movies and tv episodes to pay tribute to both her and Robin Williams.

People, please don't request those things....

The thing is if they start doing it, they won't be able to stop doing it.

Everybody tweets and post comments about stuff they do and games they like. Does that mean any fan out there is entitled to a tribute when they die?
Is it the fact that they had tragic deaths that would make a difference? Is that the fact that they're rich and famous that makes a difference? That would be disgusting.

That's exactly what I think too... Where would you draw the line? The moment Nintendo adds a cameo, they'll find themselves in a situation where they have to pick and choose, and they can only lose then. Include every single fan, and it becomes obnoxious and trivializes the cameos. Include nobody else, and it'll make an unfair case for the people that did get the cameo. Include people based on popularity and riches, and Nintendo will discriminate based on values that shouldn't matter. Either way, Nintendo will lose, so it's best to not do anything at all to begin with and retain status quo

Thu Jun 23 16 03:24am
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I don't think they're going to do it anyway.
I mean even in Iwata-san's tribute, the man himself was not mentioned, out of respect.

I know some people feel that Robin Williams is different because he was directly involved in promoting the series, and I sort of understand that. I think they could draw a line there. It would make it a one time thing and it would make sense.
But honestly I'm not sure they'll do it either way.

... Come to think of it, that old man in the game sort of looks like Robin Williams.

Robin Williams I could understand, but I still think they shouldn't do it. Especially if, as you say, they only alluded to Iwata without actually using his name or anything.

Heheh, the old man does kinda look like him, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence

Anyway, it's not like they're going to change the script or add characters now.

Wed Jun 22 16 01:46pm
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I really wonder they commented this. Because, this is a matter, not even worth a comment. I know a lot of people who gets distracted by seeing Ellen Page or Norman Reedus in a Videogame, the same goes for deceased people. That's no offense against Christina Grimmie and the horrible way she died, but, like the most people already mentioned here, such petitions should be ignored. Why putting her in the Game? That's not a tribute, that's in more ways tasteless. Nintendo won't make profit with the dead, neither will Sony or Microsoft. Should be out of the question ever and such petitions are garbage.

Wed Jun 22 16 05:32pm
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It's not that Christina shouldn't be in a game because she doesn't "deserve" it, or that there are other people like Robin Williams who are "ahead" of her. Jesus people.

Obviously most Zelda games don't even feature a lot of NPCs of the sort where this could be done respectfully and still fit in the world, and this has no precedent in Zelda. I think people are influenced by smaller, indie developers who make really personal games and are able to express tributes like this within them, or make RMC playable for fun, etc. But Zeldas are made by hundreds of people in Japan and the only time Nintendo has alluded to a death in-game was at the end of Star Fox Zero, when it was their superior within the Nintendo family, and he had directly influenced and touched everyone at the company in some way.

But above all, these petitions are a way for people to express grief and support for the fans and family of someone killed so senselessly. Nintendo was right to acknowledge that grief, even though it doesn't change how they're going to make games.

Thu Jun 23 16 02:48am
(Updated 1 time)

Nobody's going to point out how unrealistic a request it is to ask a JAPANESE company to include a cameo for a C-list (if that) Western celebrity in their game?

And no, they can't just work her in during localization. Treehouse are translators/localizers, not programmers or designers. They can't just add new people in willy nilly.


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