Pokemon GO will be released in other regions ''within days'', according to WSJ

This comes from the Wallstreet Journal...

''The game has been available in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand since last Wednesday and people familiar with the plans for the game said it would likely be available in other regions, including Europe, Japan and other Asian nations within days.''

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So, any evidence for this? They don't seem to quote anyone bar vague insiders.

"Within days"? Could take a while still then. I know I can get it via APK but I'm waiting for the official release.

Japan doesn't have this yet?

Mon Jul 11 16 09:32am
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Apparently it's not out in Japan yet, I thought it released there day 1 but seems like it hasn't.

So it seems South America gets shafted yet again, unsurprisingly.

It's not even out in Europe yet, 3rd world countries can wait.

It seems they typically roll out these apps in major regions first, then the smaller regions later once they see it working out in the major regions. Not every region will get it though, depending on their size... But for this game I wouldn't be surprised to see it at least reach one major location in the six major continents.

They've said we'll definitely get it eventually. It's just that the article says "including Europe, Japan and other Asian nations within days", with no mention of South America at all, so who knows when will that be. We still don't have Miitomo officially. I understand we're not the biggest market (and we've never been and never will be a priority), but we're not small either. It's just sad to not even get a mention or an estimated release date.

Also there's A LOT of hype surrounding Pokémon Go right now, so it'd be a missed oportunity to wait too long to release it everywhere.

I'll just ignore the arrogant and xenophobic comment above this one.

Since the Pokemon Company likes to bring their products worldwide, It would be baffling to not release it somewhere in South America. I mean, if it'll be compatible with Sun/Moon which are coming out worldwide then it'll need to be out everywhere the games are...

Ignoring the fact that "Third World" is outdated terminology, generally speaking Argentina, Brazil, and Chile are considered Developed nations. In fact there's really only two or three countries left in South America that are considered Under Developed. South America is a deeply underserved market, considering Brazil was ahead of several EU countries in GNI (including Italy and Spain) prior to their recent economic woes Smile

I was just messing around, chill ;)

I hope the UK is one of those [even despite the stupid political results of recent weeks].

Surprised Japan wasn't one of, if not the first, to get GO either. Would've been a good way to test those servers earlier [cos it's gonna be HUGE there]!

even despite the stupid political results of recent weeks
That should hold no relevance as they said Europe, not European Union.

I really hope they completely resolve all of there server issues before they add new locations.

Same here. There's nothing more frustrating than constant server disconnects or immense lag


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