Pokemon GO may allow Niantic access to your Gmail (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Niantic will fix this issue

If you've signed into your Pokemon GO app with a Google account, you might be granting Niantic some permissions you're not interested. Apparently the sign-up for the app will grant access to your Gmail account, and in theory, this could let Niantic read your emails, or even write ones from your account. Now this is not likely to happen, but now you know, which lets you go in and change permissions.

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Mon Jul 11 16 02:35pm
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Every app that uses your Gmail login needs to have that permission. It doesn't mean they're going to read your emails. Unfortunately, those who don't know how Android permissions work will spread these ridiculous fear-mongering articles.

EDIT: I spoke too soon, this appears to be an iOS-only issue.

That being said, I had Google Maps reading my email and showing where I was staying when I asked for directions because the hotel confirmations went to my Gmail account.

I agree that this is probably not an issue. But it is interesting how connected things are.

I don't think they can actually read your mails. I would like a citation for that. They might be able to send mail to others using your account as the sender, but that's not the same thing at all.

Went to app permission and only had camera, contacts, storage, and location. Didn't see gmail so turned off contacts. What exactly would they write?

Pokemon Go, a Security/Privacy risk and safety hazard?
You Don't Say?

The more I read about it, the worse it gets.


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