Pokémon GO becomes biggest mobile game in U.S. history

We finally have numbers to support what you might have already guessed: Pokémon GO is the biggest mobile game in U.S. history.

Shooting to the top of the app store on the day it was released, within 24 hours Pokémon GO beat out indie hit Slither.io and Supercell’s heavily promoted blockbuster Clash Royale to become the biggest game of 2016, as measured by daily active users.

And that’s not all. Within three days of its release, Pokémon GO attracted more users than Twitter, and rose to the top of the App Store revenue charts, earning millions of dollars a day for its publisher, Niantic.

As of yesterday, Pokémon GO attracted just under 21 million daily active users in the United States, surpassing Candy Crush saga’s rumored peak US smartphone audience of and making it the biggest mobile game in US history.

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Wed Jul 13 16 01:26am
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It's because it has no Dais....oh wait, PC isn't here anymore...

Wed Jul 13 16 02:38am
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Dissing Fat Peach is its own reward.

Pokémon GO sure is huge. Never have I seen a single game/anything at all take up this many GoNintendo news posts. XD

Which is sad if you think about it. As a game it's not that great.

You have to admit, it's a brilliant concept though!

Indeed. Not sure how engaged it will keep the users in the long term, though. Since so many people installed it right away, we might see a sharp dropoff once they start getting tired of its repetitive nature.

True. But while I am not that interested in the game itself, at least it gives Nintendo and GameFreak a lot of great headlines. So, it is at least a very positive thing overall.

Sure, but because Nintendo is a business, I hope they don't neglect their actual video games for the app market.

I'm fairly sure Niantic are not the publishers but the contracted developers. I guess the name does sound similar to Nintendo so it's easy to make that mistake.

Niantic is listed as the publisher on both Google Play and the iOS app store.

hey, maybe people will use Pokemon Go *instead* of Google Maps :P

Thu Jul 14 16 07:27pm
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That's probably Google's next April Fool's joke!

Nintendo has a chance right now with all this great press to go ahead and have Reggie declare his bid for president of the United States.

Given his competition, I think he could win it. Just offer a free shiny Pikachu for anyone who votes for him!

You know the US is messed up when you realize this might actually be viable...

No, what's sad is that a CEO of a video game company would make a better president than either the Democrat or Republican option. And it's not even close.

The dude has ties to Pizza Hut right? Free shiny Pikachu, free large pizza. He secures 80% of the national vote. It's over. Landslide victory.

No, what's sad is that a CEO of a video game company would make a better president than either the Democrat or Republican option. And it's not even close.
Isn't... that part of what I said? Maybe not as elaborately, but...

Possibly. You're 10x more cynical than I am, and I can be pretty cynical.

Though Pokemon Go users all over the place this week has made me happy so I'm trying to be more positive. At least with gaming. American politicians, on the other hand, are a cess poll of disease and it's a shame only stupid but rich people are allowed to run for office.

Thu Jul 14 16 05:53pm
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Wha? I'm cynical? ...10 times as cynical as you? What gave you that idea?
I'm actually a pretty positive and laid-back guy!

Judges? ....nope, sorry that doesn't fit your description. Take your Cynical Award and be on your way. ;)

I don't know if you're being facetious or not, but the tone is not appreciated. I don't mind being called cynical, but it is bothersome the way you do it, especially if you can't even tell me why

I'm just playing with you. Just relax. Hence the ;).

I have no clue how to use emoji's, nor do I care to learn.

Alright, sorry. I got a bit overly upset. I'm honestly not even sure why.

No worries. It's all good. A good goal in life in general is to never take comments all that seriously.

Wed Jul 13 16 12:46pm
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But Pokemon is just a fad.


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