Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure - new details

- full 3D with redrawn elements
- lower screen features new content
- has a chance at Wii U or NX release
- different textures from the PC version
- 'Moving a traditional 3D platforming game to true Stereoscopic 3D has been the greatest challenge'
- use a button to switch the headgear to the bottom screen
- supports C Stick
- 30fps
- based mostly off the PSP version
- likely to see a 3DS theme released

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It's one of the hidden gems on the PSP and is an amazing, unique, and creative game so it will fit right in on the 3DS.

The teaser trailer looks really charming, so I'll keep a look out for it.

It's very unique. The combat and upgrades are the highlight of the game. The world and atmosphere might be too cute for some but it has its own unique charm that kind of has a Monster Tale DS vibe to it. In many ways, it is Monster Tale in 3D. If you haven't checked that game out before, it's well worth it.

Indeed I have played Monster Tale and concur with your assessment. Sold.

Monster Tale is pretty great and is easily one of my favorite games ever. I would throw Dark Cloud and Zelda in the comparison list as well.

I just played Monster Tale about a month ago and adored it. Welp, I'm sold now!

The combat and combo system along with the upgrades are what remind me of Monster Tale so much. It has a healthy dose of Zelda thrown in there as well.

Really looking forward to this!

that does sound pretty interesting.


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