RUMOR - NX to play Nintendo smartphone games

The Wall Street Journal is getting in on the Nintendo NX rumors now. Yesterday we had a rather large rumored info dump on the NX and its form factor as well as power. Today the WSJ says that the platform is also going to be able to play Nintendo's mobile titles. This rumor seems pretty plausible and makes a lot of sense for Nintendo. Might as well give fans as many ways as possible to play their mobile games!

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Wed Jul 27 16 03:43pm
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So it WILL run Android after all? Or will it run a custom version of those games?

Custom versions I'd assume.

I really doubt it'll be based on Android. I'm pretty clueless about to tech but I imagine an Android based platform is easy to hack? Something Nintendo will never want unless they want a Wild West of people doing what they want with the hardware from the off. Or I could be totally off base. :P

The Wii (Homebrew) , DS (R4) and 3DS (The many game exploits used until now) are easy to hack, so a variant of Android is possible.

Running on android and games that also run on android being played on this device is not an automatic link. Pokemon Go is on apple and android... those two aren't related.

Wed Jul 27 16 06:12pm
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It would definitely not run the games through google play anyway so most likely they will be just ports on their own OS. Why would they give 30% to google on sales that go through their dedicated hardware?

Everything is a smart phone game now anyway.

At least this will give us more than 3 games a year to play?

I have a hard time believing this one.
Having the mobile games of FE and AC on the NX alongside the real installments would cause confusion, and that's exactly the kind of thing Nintendo is trying to avoid.
Their mobile offering are not simple ports or cash grabs, but software that only makes sense to be on phones and exposes their IPs to the mobile crowd.

It would be pretty weird given that the smartphone games really only exist to inform/gain interest from the average person into Nintendo IP. I mean, they won't really lose anything for having it on their console, but I don't really see what they have to gain.

It might give some insight into what else the NX offers. The 3DS can't access the internet unless it's through a wi-fi connection, so if The Pokemon Company was bringing Pokemon GO to it, it would have to have a GPS and have the ability to get an internet carrier for it like the Vita (though there you were stuck to a few options).

Wed Jul 27 16 04:48pm
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Well... if the rumors are all true (and they're all starting to circle like vultures around one idea) then this is essentially a gaming tablet. A Nintendo branded NVidia shield. It will play mobile games because it is a mobile device.

I'm torn. Not sure if I want a cheap, half baked tablet branded under Nintendo.

Nintendo's really going all out with weird decisions on this console. I'm not sure there they're going with how this is gonna make up for the wii u

well if it can be played outside, why not putting their games. they can just add a gps,

I hope Nintendo's phone games are good. Or well really I don't care; if I don't like them I won't play them. There are plenty of things to play. It's just that I have never played a mobile game that I have liked and I have tried many. I have tried free ones and paid ones. I have tried console games ported to mobile. Every single one I have tried had something I found overwhelmingly annoying or distasteful.

Can we just have a normal console? Can we just have good games? What happened to the kings of polish of old?

I wouldn't doubt that this is true but I always thought that the mobile games/apps Nintendo is publishing were meant to compliment or supplement a full release on a Nintendo platform as a "gateway drug" of sorts that will serve as the bread crumbs that lead to a more fleshed out experience on a Nintendo platform. I always figured that Pokemon Go would end up being compatible with Pokemon Box so people can send the Pokemon to a Pokemon game of their choice once caught. Anyways, that's my two cents. It's all speculation or half-truths at this point.

yeah but Nintendo can deliver a platform were you can have both type of games in one, also remember that all ios and android apps both Apple and Google receive 30% of the app revenue, which is the same revenue Nintendo is currently receiving from Pokemon Go. So yeah Nintendo wants that 30% making their own platform.

They've always been the penny-pinching type so you could be totally right. We will see. Nobody knows much until Nintendo plays their hand and surprises each and every one of us.

Thu Aug 04 16 04:03pm
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sorry mistake, I was replying someone else.

but yeah I agree that NX can still be anything, we were surprised by the Wii U and 3DS even with the rumors.

Wed Jul 27 16 05:39pm
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so "nintendo go" brand name for nx confirmed

All of these rumours are five years old... seriously?

Of course it will, but they'll be made for the mobile space first.

This is easily the worst NX rumor yet. I don't care if they want PG playing on their system instead of cell phones. But I also don't want their next console to be a "mobile device". I want it to be a console.


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