Niantic CEO has his Twitter account hacked

There are quite a few people upset about the recent changes to Pokémon GO. Some have taken to bashing the game via the reviews section on iOS, others are voicing their concerns on Facebook. Unfortunately there are some others out there that took things too far.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, has had his Twitter account hacked. His feed is being spammed with various Pokémon messages, which all seem to stem from recent frustrations with the game. Looks like some rough days are ahead for the Niantic group.

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I just checked his twitter. I don't see anything unusual.

The tweets are removed now, but they were indeed there for a while.

I just want to comment on that gif. GJ Rawmeat!

Mon Aug 01 16 03:59pm
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...That big group of Brazilians really don't deserve the game after this. And this is coming from a guy who has estranged relatives from that portion of South America. You don't throw a childish tantrum over a game not being out in your region and hack the twitter account of the CEO to push your point. Seriously, if you do anything like that in the name of whatever country you're from, then you don't deserve anything at all, stone-cold fact.

I've been observing the official twitter for weeks and its just been non-stop Brazilian spam everywhere with lots of cursing and childish tantrums, making me rather ashamed of my heritage the more and more I read. Seriously, even when they delayed it in France for a few days and folks were upset it wasn't nearly this bad. Not even the delayed Japanese release had people there behave this bad, and the other regions that still don't have the game don't spam as much. (The only other region I see spam their twitter is Chile, which doesn't do it nearly as much nor as rudely). Is it because of the upcoming Olympics or something? Why do folks in that country want this mobile game so, so badly? I mean, this isn't even something on the same level as that region not having a Wii U eShop, it's literally over a silly phone game and if it's like Miitomo it was going to come out inevitably anyway...

EDIT: So it seems the hacker wasn't even Brazilian himself, just doing the hack to "Raise awareness". Wow, as if it couldn't get even more disgusting. Now the game may never be released over there and it wouldn't even be the fault of anyone from the region.


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