Long-in-development Metroid II fan remake released

Metroid II: Return of Samus was a fun game, but there were a few elements that really seemed to hold it back. The game REALLY suffered from areas that looked extremely similar, making it quite hard to get around. I feel the original Metroid was less confusing/more varied in visuals than the Game Boy sequel. While Nintendo hasn't taken on a remake of their own, one fan has been toiling away for years to make it happen.

This Metroid II fan remake is chock full of neat ideas and updates. Not only does the game look and sound much better, it also features new areas, better A.I. and so much more. We've been talking about this one for so long now, but just today it's been made available to download! Hit up the official blog below to check it out.

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For those wondering just how long the game took, the Game Developer stated he began work on this back in 2006... So a nearly 10 year dev cycle using Game Maker, and it's nice to see the creator stick with this until the very end.

For those wondering just how long the game took, the Game Developer stated he began work on this back in 2006... So a nearly 10 year dev cycle using Game Maker, and it's nice to see the creator stick with this until the very end.

Sat Aug 06 16 07:10pm
Rating: 2

YAY!! Excited for everybody who's been waiting for this! I want to play, too, but sadly no Windows Sad

This is pretty cool since we rarely see fan projects that people work on for a long time ever finish.

Wow, I'm surprised this was not C/D'd during all this times. I am going to have to check this out.

Sat Aug 06 16 08:14pm
Rating: 3

It's nice that at least someone does something cool for Metroid's anniversary. Thanks for nothing, Nintendo.

Nintendo doesn't even mention it on their Twitter.

Anniversaries are completely arbitrary. Bigger franchises like DK, AC, Yoshi, Wario and Smash didn't get one.

But...but...but... they're giving us Deformation Intercourse.

Sat Aug 06 16 09:33pm
Rating: 1

Man RMC if you find the time to play this, you really should, it's such a fantastic remake of Metroid 2, kind of like Zero Mission but Metroid 2. So much time and serious talent put into this project, to be released for free (or to be released at all) is a miracle. I've been playing for hours, with additions from the rest of the Metroid titles, plus some new things entirely, it's a blast. Puts what Federation Force looks like to shame.

They had to release it for free or else they would have gotten a C&D. If they were received any monetary gain from the project, it would have been C&D a long time ago.

It just shows how passionate the developers are that they made this without any intent on receiving money.

As someone that was about to play Metroid 2 as I'm playing through the Metroid games for the first time, should I play this instead of Metroid 2? I just finished Zero Mission and loved it.

Sun Aug 07 16 12:51am
Rating: 1

Oh absolutely, I've played through the GB Metroid 2 , and while it is a good game for Gameboy, and introduces a lot of neat concepts for the series, having it on GB holds it back due to lack of color / system limitations. Having a more fleshed out, visually and creatively realized version with great mechanics taken from other Metroid games makes it the one to play for me. It brings the game up to par with where it should be, I never understood why it didn't get a solid remake treatment like Zero Mission, but this game is like the missing link. A lot of new things are in too that I really appreciated, even the added particle/visual effects making the atmosphere phenomenal. Also to mention of course this project couldn't make money, I'm just saying to me, the overall big picture, it's a miracle that this exists for free, this is a labor of love that took so much time/passion honestly if I were Nintendo I'd put this on the Eshop, work something out for the people who worked on it and really celebrate Metroid, kind of like Megamans 25th fan game, but better. However...if it is allowed to stay alive, like Mother 3 fan translation, that's just as good too, the alternative of a C&D is dreadful.

The game we deserved after Zero Mission, but Never got officially.

NX tanks, I expect much more fan works like this to rise up to fill the void.
Grab it while you can folks, or you may just end up regretting it.

Looks Like I've got some more for the backlog.
This, after posting what I did in that FF article.

Feels Nice.

Sun Aug 07 16 03:06am
(Updated 1 time)

This looks very cool, and the small amount I've played was indeed cool, but it's crashing out as soon as I get hit by an enemy so it's obviously got at least one bug that still needs to be fixed, and a pretty major one at that.

I didn't experience that my first time playing. Not sure what to say?

Okay serious question for those who have played this a little and finished Metroid II:

As someone who has never played Metroid II before (and yet still a HUGE Metroid fan, if you can reconcile the two) would you recommend not playing the original and finishing this one? For instance, I'd say something similar to someone who never played the original today - sure, have a go at the NES, but if you want to finish the game, play Metroid Zero Mission. It just plays better by modern standards and probably better captures the intent on the original Metroid design anyways.

Similar situation with this game?

For the record, I'll be buying Metroid II on my 3DS to give Nintendo some money. I'd feel bad otherwise Smile

I have played both Metroid 2 on GB and a few demos of AM2R in the past (i have not play yet this 1.0 version), i can tell you that you should play the original first if you have the time (even through it is a rough game by today' standards) and then this great remake second. You would appreciate even more both games, in my opinion.

But if you only have time for one Metroid experience, go for the remake directly, since it will give you a nice Metroid 2 experience and more in just one gameplay.

Sun Aug 07 16 10:05pm
Rating: 1

I actually recently finished the original on my 3DS and beat the Remake today. I'm surprised how faithful it was in regards to the layout, disregarding repeated rooms which more than likely was do to technical limitations the remake does give respects to the original game. If anything the only thing awkward at the start is the gravity on Samus jumping, but since it has powerups and abilities from other games it isn't as bad as one could imagine.

Also the added sections are appreciated, though I could see purists finding some added mechanics, off.

Simply magnificient. This is one of the very few examples a Fan-Project, even if it took 10 years, sees a release. I'm very happy for these guys who managed it to actually release the Game and continue working on the Game.

I downloaded the App which is pre-installed the moment the download finished. Just start the App, if you own one, plug in your Xbox Controller and start playing. Was a little worried because of the tearing, but with VSYNC active, there is no tearing left. AM2R runs very smooth, no problems so far.

If you own a PC, give it a try, it's free.


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