Dragon Quest X confirmed for NX

The following info comes from a Famitsu interview with Dragon Quest X Producer Yosuke Saito and Director Chikara Saito...

- currently in development for NX
- port will be the “climax” of the game
- dev team is currently working on Version 4 of Dragon Quest X
- a new class will be implemented with version 4

Thanks to MegaJacobF and sonicandm2 for the heads up!


Hopefully, Nintendo could convince Square Enix to allow them to be the publisher for Dragon Quest X in North America and Europe.

But then again, I doubt that's going to happen.

I really hope the NX doesn't disappoint. I'll buy it anyway, but still :/

nintendo must love you... and me, because ill end up the NX even if its terrible.

Let's face it, a bad system with great games is still worth getting. I'll be getting an NX under the idea that Nintendo will still put out good quality games.

Same. Worst case scenario, it's Wii U all over again.

True, come on Nintendo, don't mess up

Hopefully we will se a NA port of it this time.

Maybe we'll actually get this version in NA... It's hard to be a Dragon Quest fan outside of Japan. Still waitin' on Slime Mori Mori 3.

I'm all for Slime Mori Mori 3, but I don't much care for DQX, myself. Would rather they allocate resources to getting us more of the remakes/enhanced versions of the older games. Like the 3DS versions of the DQ Monsters games.

I would sell my soul for those Monster remakes, guhhh. I remember when I first got my 3DS back in 2011 and saw the screenshots for the remake of the first game. I was so beyond hyped. I thought, "I can't wait to play that!"

Oh, to be so young and naive again...

Heh. Yeah, I know that feeling. I mean, I wouldn't put it as beign "suckered" into buying the systems for games we didn't get, but I recall feeling the same way with almost every console for some reason or another.

Like... pre- and early- coverage for PSP had screens of Breath of Fire III and Tales of Eternia, and I was so super excited about having them on a handheld, then they both didn't come to the states. (We eventually got BoFIII as a download, but considering that was only a couple months ago...)

I'm pretty sure the DQM Joker series did decently in sales, but not sure how the GBC DQM games did back in the day, so that might be why we're not getting them... though I think that's a bit unfair, considering how different the gaming industry is these days from the early 2000s.

I seem to recall the GB DQM games did well for their time. I remember reading about them in Nintendo Power; that's why I bought the first one. It stands to reason that if Joker did well, the remakes would. But it's a pipe dream at this point.

Considering the fight we had to get DQ VII and VIII localized for 3DS, I agree it's a pipe dream. Sad If they can't give us the main series games without begging, the side-games are a sure "nope". Sad

Which is heartbreaking, because I tend to like the side games a bit more.

I want to hear about XI. Hope that one comes our way as well.

Sun Aug 07 16 11:16pm
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Does anyone really care?

I'd like for them to actually focus on getting more of the series here without us having to beg for them. I'm personally not interested in X, at all, got enough MMO on my plate, and I've never been too fond of Japanese MMOs. (Though I admit the time I had with Phantasy Star Online 2 was great, too bad they blocked foreign users...)

I'd personally like to see the DQM remakes on 3DS get released here. But I mean, if it wasn't a matter of "get one, but the others don't come" then I'd say just bring 'em all... unfortunately, we know Squenix isn't going to localize everything unless it's Final Fantasy branded. DQ fans are second-class citizens to Squenix.

Never really got into Dragon Quest, but I would love to have SE announce some of their other titles, mainly FF and Kingdom Hearts for the NX.

Agreed, about FF at least since I'm not a KH fan. Don't care about DQ, unfortunately.

If it releases in the west, I'd be happy.


So far Zelda, Just Dance and DQX are official games for the NX. And we know there will be a Mario, so that's also basically official.

Is there something I forgot (No rumours, just official)?

By that Mario logic, that means Pikmin 4 (Miyamoto said it's almost done a while back), Mario Kart (since there is one on every nintendo platform since the SNES), AC (since the series sells so well on handhelds (rumours point to that style of console)), Splatoon (since it blew up, Nintendo would be crazy not to have a sequel eventually). There are more I'm sure.

BUT for real confirmation, there are only 4 games so far. Zelda BotW, JD 2017, DQX AND that new Sonic game, the one with Classic and Modern Sonics together again. I don't recall it's title.

Oh yeah. The Sonic game is confirmed. I, somewhow, forgot that in the heat of the moment (LOL).

OK, Zelda, DQ10 and 11 (last I checked it was still going to NX), JD17, A MArio game. Pikmin should be obvious since it never came to the NX, but not confirmed.

The rest is more speculation.

AC could go mobile only though, for all we know. But I can't see that one coming, really.

Actually the original announcement was for DQXI and they said they were interested in bringing DQX to NX, then they quickly retracted all statements regarding anything NX. Now they are confirming DQX only, no re-confirmation of DQXI (I think it's set in stone but until we get the re-confirmation, anything goes).
That makes 4 officially confirmed games.

You can't say that Mario Kart is speculation IF Mario isn't. :P Mario Kart games more often than not outsell Mario games. MK is a guaranteed sales success.

AC will not go mobile only, from what they said of it so far, it sounds more like a companion app. Plus Nintendo's strategy is to convince mobile users to buy Nintendo systems. AC mobile will most likely be but a small taste of AC with micro transaction with the goal to get those gamers to buy an NX or 3DS and it's respective AC game. Heck ACNL is getting a major amiibo card integration update in the fall which is the same time AC mobile comes out. Coincidence? I think not. ;)
That game will be 4 years old come november (in Japan at least), I think it's a good indication that Nintendo will incorporate AC mobile and amiibo cards in AC NX.
Nintendo has to pay apple about a 30% cut of all sales of their upcoming mobile sales (No idea what cut Android gets, probably near the same amount). On the other hand, Nintendo gets 100% of the profits if people buy Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles.
Same goes for Fire Emblem, it sounds rather like a FE light version for mobile, trying to hook players into getting the future NX version (and 3DS games).

We all know that a Mario Kart is due. But it's not official yet. I was on that one.

To play your game Mario, Mario Kart, Yoshi, Smash Bros etc are confirmed.

Retro. What are they up to?

I was hoping for a Metroid Prime game on Wii U using the pad, but maybe we'l see another 2D game or, even begter, a third person Metroid in a 3D world (if it's that they are up to at all).

Nintendo's got several teams that have been quite for quite some time. I'm excited to see what comes from all of Nintendo's studios, including second-party.
As for Retro Studios, I think it's going to be something completely new for the company. Believe me, I would love for them to make a new Metroid. But I think Nintendo knows how valuable the team is and I'm hopeful they'll let Retros loose to create something new that they want to do.
They are one of Nintendo's most costly teams and Metroid doesn't bring in big numbers, so I think something new is in the cards for them. Whatever it is, I'm excited to find out what their new project is!

Closer to 90% of their studios, the only first party releases this year are Star Fox Zero(super small first party team with third party support), and Paper Mario. That's it, on both sides, which means they have almost every major team working on a NX title, not to mention several projects carried over from the wii-u like Retro's

They are batshit talentez for sure. Very curious as to what they have ip their sleeves.

But something new means less money often, unless its Splatoon... so we'll have to wait... again.


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