The LEGO Moving hitting 3DS eShop in Japan

If our friends in Japan are huge fans of The LEGO Movie, they'll be happy to know that they can download the movie via 3DS eShop on September 7th. The title will be priced at 1,000 yen.

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Wait the full movie for $1 I mean i know it'd be stuck to only that 3DS account unless it'll be playable on future systems, but basically $1 for a movie... maybe rental...

1,000 yen is approximately $10.

Oh wait ya sorry was thinking Korean Won... too many KDramas lol

It was quite moving.

I guess they had to do what they did (referring to a controversial part of the motion picture) but it was still unwelcome.

Wed Aug 31 16 09:38am
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I don't recall any controversy after the general release of the film in 2014.


I don't think too many people had a problem with that, but I'm sorry you weren't a fan. I found it very moving.

fred duck
Wed Aug 31 16 11:05pm
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Hi, I believe this is a


I stand corrected, I suppose. Thanks for bringing these to my attention.

I hope you also read the explanations around the quotes. Perhaps I should've put them in quote tags. o_o

However, I did enjoy most of the film and will watch it again at some point.



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