Sony making bigger push into mobile, cites Pokemon GO's success

Coming from Sony CEO Kaz Hirai...

- Sony will be 'aggressively' entering the mobile business
- labeled Pokemon GO as a 'real game-changer'
- also stated that he's 'very interested in the fact that it has the potential to really change the way people move, literally'
- said that the AR aspects are a 'great innovative idea that’s going to lift all boats for the video game industry'

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Sony copy Nintendo? What? Unheard of.

Coming soon: Uncharted Go!

Sony copy Nintendo? What? Unheard of.

As a PS Vita lover Sony really pisses me off sometimes. People say Nintendo makes stupid decisions, but already they have a vision or a plan.

I really want to get a Vita, but I refuse to support Sony's outrageously priced memory cards.

I seriously believe the memory card prices are the main thing that killed the Vita. I know many have held off on buying one because of the memory cards. The Vita itself is priced fine (even the launch price of $250 is acceptable)... but they simply REFUSE to release their grip on the gouging of the memory card prices.

I so completely agree with that.
The Vita is a fantastic piece of hardware. But it was very clear very soon that they had no idea how to push it on the market.

They already tried this with Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank. They just don't have the IP that Nintendo does...

Sun Sep 04 16 08:23pm
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Talladega Nights GO

lol . man that "raise all boats" is such a weird expression to me now

Competition makes the competing companies put forth their very best. This will be good for the consumer, regardless of which company you are a fan of.

Maybe microsoft will jump in and put Rare on their AR projects.

Great... Now they're going to focus on cheap and poorly made apps, instead of games that will last...

So, PS Vita 2 powered by Tegra?

Sun Sep 04 16 09:07pm
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The only time I'm ok with mobile games is if they are something that can't be done on a console and takes advantage of the phone. Nintendo seems to be doing that with Miitomo and Pokemon Go, but I doubt Sony will.

As long as we get quality games from them, they should totally go for it. Mobile gaming isn't any less of a viable platform for good games, it just gets flooded with so many bad games (like Steam Greenlight does).

Sun Sep 04 16 10:29pm
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I wonder how they're going to pull this off, especially when their smart phone division have been crashing and burning as of late. Well, only time will tell.

Why the heck is everyone downvoting this? Is it just typical console war stuff? I, personally, applaud their courage for dipping into the mobile market the same way I applauded Nintendo when they first announced their mobile plans. It's not like we know whether the quality of their games yet, so upvoting/downvoting based on predictions seems a little narrow-minded.

psi wind
Sun Sep 04 16 11:11pm
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This is Sony's third time with an "aggressive" push into the mobile market and they've been bleeding money.

Didn't they tried to whore out other franchises before fading to obscurity?

Sun Sep 04 16 11:19pm
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Ah, Sony... You'll never understand!
YOU: Looking at the goal and desperately trying to find a way to get there.
Nintendo: Having the way to the goal and can go there any time they want.

That's the main difference. You are playing catch-up. Yes, you have a success with the Playstation brand but other than that, you are nowhere. You are not even making your own games, other studios do that for you.

In fewer words, you don't have the IP to do what you want to do now.

ai rorel
Mon Sep 05 16 12:26am
(Updated 2 times)

There are many good ideas. And many good ideas to follow. But before following, have a good idea for it to begin with. But before following, don't leave other things unfinished.

Capcom followed the popularity of action shooters. Konami followed the popularity of yearly AAA titles and throwing the rest into merchandising. Just because they worked for some ideas, doesn't mean they work for all.
Also, considering how the PS3 never actually reached its absolute full potential, and PS4 is experiencing the very same thing but with actually FEWER TITLES (a fact people ignore only because there's a lot of FAMOUS titles taking up shelves right now)... Should you REALLY care to take up another avenue when you haven't filled out the one you're currently working on, Sony?

Unhappy PS4 Owner Who Has To Keep Saying "Well, FFXIV And Bloodborne Are Good, At Least" To Try To Legitimize His Purchase Of Said Console
(I'm seriously trying my best to fill up my library with "obscure" PS4 titles to make it worth it... So far, I'm really happy with Grand Kingdom.)

[[ Also, as one who's been playing A LOT of mobile phone games over the past four weeks to have something to play during his currently busied work: It takes A REALLY GOOD IDEA to make a phone game worth spending money on, and an even GREATER IDEA to make the phone game stand the test of time (aka: be worth the creation in the long run). If the current lineup of PS4 games is all I have to look forward to as judging the value of my PS4 purchase, I have very little faith in what a "bigger push" by Sony could do with their mobile market (aside from tossing their major titles from consoles once they sell well on mobile). ]]

Mon Sep 05 16 12:43am
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I guess Nintendo's fear of having the competition potentially copy their NX ideas if they reveal too early are justified.

Pretty much what I was thinking when reading this! Sony wants to be Nintendo for so long... started with the SNES Playstation... all they do is add more power & copy whatever Nintendo does!!!

Well, Sony will show off the Neo and whatnot on wednsday, so I am truly hoping Nintendo can finally reveal the NX shortly after, but I am not going to hold my breath. Even when knowing it's about fukkin' time they show it.

"Lift all boats"?
Okay. That's new. I'm not sure I get the idea, it's the first time I see this expression.
Why boats?

Mon Sep 05 16 08:39am
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It's a shortened form of the old saying "Rising tides lift all boats."

In this case meaning: when a company or game does something good for the industry, it helps everyone.

Okay then. Thanks for the explanation!

No problem, my friend!

Mon Sep 05 16 02:32am
(Updated 1 time)

Pokemon go is NOT nintendo. Case in point, there is NO promotion on their site AT ALL. (also are you aware of a game called Tempo the Badass Elephant?) Pokemon Go is a joint venture of Niantic and Gamefreak, who do not have their goals perfectly aligned with Nintendo. If it were up to them, they would only release portable games on their dedicated handheld. No MMORPG, no mobile games, they have a different idea of what should happen with the IP

Yes, and Ninty owns some 33% of the IP and I think they also have some copyright to the name. The only thing is that they didn't develope the game themselves. Boohoo.

Mon Sep 05 16 10:51am
(Updated 1 time)

sooo the fact that you CAN NOT FIND anything about pokemon go on nintendo.com but miitomo IS mentioned even if it not yet released, tells you nothing. The fact that Gamefreak released a xbox one and ps4 game that could EASILY MAKE it on the wiiU tells you nothing. You choose to believe a simple article that may not even be 100% correct and even if it is, Iwata may have had interest as a PERSON, not as the CEO of Nintendo.

just have a look around man.

miitomo is made by dena mind you.

Mon Sep 05 16 05:44pm
(Updated 1 time)

Gamefreak is not Nintendo, they can release whatever game they want on any platform they want. Pokemon is another story, Pokemon belongs to The Pokemon Company, is owned in 3 equal shares between, Nintendo, Gamefreak & Creatures. Whatever is done with the franchise is between these 3 & mind you Creatures pretty much belongs to Nintendo, they have a majority postion in it, since it was a Yamauchi funded company (formerly Ape), with Nintendo staff or colaborators, with people like Itoi, Iwata, Hip Tanaka... futhermore, Nintendo is the owner of the Pokemon trademark/name.
Nothing done with Pokemon, is done without Nintendo management. Pokemon GO was made because Iwata wanted it to be done, it was a project of his, being developped by Niantic outside of Nintendo says nothing outside the fact that they were the ones with the technical expertise to do it.
Iwata had interest in it since it is a Nintendo Franchise & he was almost the main producer of the game, he had many meetings with Niantic about what the game should be... again, he worked on it on his death bed!

I'm interested in seeing what games other publishers are going to make in reaction to Pokemon Go. That game is literally only successful because it's Pokemon. As a game it's mediocre as sin but it's enjoyable because it plays on familiarity and nostalgia and taps into the childhood dreams everyone who played Pokemon as a kid has.

I get the suspicion that many publishers are going to miss the point of how Go got so successful.

This was exactly what I was thinking, my friend. Pokemon Go was a perfect storm of the right brand married to the right idea at the right time.

Go's success wasn't due to the AR or the Geo-tracking aspects. It was because they tied the concept to the perfect IP (which sold millions upon millions of games consistently for two decades already.)

Mon Sep 05 16 10:57am
(Updated 2 times)

The MMORPG was a hugely wasted opportunity with nintendo solely to blame, gamefreak could not just be idle with the mobile gaming boom so they had to do it on their own (pokemon go is much much cheaper than any MMORPG would have ever been as well) it is really not that hard to piece it together.

now if someone could explain what on earth happened here (http://img.gamefaqs.net/box/2/4/4/91244_front.jpg) essentially a mario golf without mario, it bombed and then the series resumed ending with the abomination that is the wiiu game (least content in a game EVER) and the sports collection...


and just as I thought,the collection is made by camelot!

now if someone could explain what on earth happened here (http://img.gamefaqs.net/box/2/4/4/91244_front.jpg) essentially a mario golf without mario, it bombed and then the series resumed ending with the abomination that is the wiiu game (least content in a game EVER) and the sports collection...

They've been making those Mario Golf games without Mario for years. They're called Hot Shots Golf. ;)

"gamefreak could not just be idle with the mobile gaming boom so they had to do it on their own"
Any other fairy tale to entertain us with?

It's the return of Invisiamls!

Good luck to Sony. Let's see if what they do can keep people's attention for more than a month or two. I only know one person (one of my nephews) still playing Pokemon Go and nobody I know personally bothered with Miitomo.

Hopefully Nintendo's remaining games in their partnership with DeNA last longer before fizzling out.

That's it Sony, continue to be a soulless, shameless rip off company...


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