Mario Sports Superstars being co-developed by Bandai Namco Studios

This comes from the Australian rating...

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That sounds amazing. I was really worried that Camelot was taking all of them at once. This means we'll get a sorta sequel to Mario Super Sluggers, an amazing Wii game.

Silly you... Camelot has always been a Golf 'n Tennis-only champion!

I'm still waiting for GoldenSun for a console release they talked about years & years ago.

they should do a lot of work for nintendo

Hmm...BANDAI NAMCO!....hmmm, ok I can see this gen they are very nice working with Nin in all but I have a strong feeling that on NX we are going to get a great RPG a lot of gamers think would not have come true which is XenoSaga. BN still holds the right but I bet this collab teamwork on past games & this Mario Sports game is a way for Nin to get their hands on XS rights to appear for NX. I'm calling it out now just incase it happens.


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