Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing mobile games due out by 'End of March 2017'

Super Mario Run represents the next phase of Nintendo’s expansion to mobile platforms, following the release of Miitomo earlier this year. After the launch of Super Mario Run in December, Nintendo plans to deliver its previously announced mobile device titles in the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem series before the end of March, 2017.


I totally called it they would be delayed. Super Mario Run is a Hail Mary way of compensating for their delay.

Wed Sep 07 16 02:07pm
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but they said fall for these two games... Why the hell did they swap both out with the Mario game? At least they could have gotten AC out the door before the end of the year.

Animal Crossing has that November direct. Have a feeling we still might see that this year. I never thought we were getting Fire Emblem in 2016. It would have shown up by now.

Yay! More fun for me Nintendo!

But when would they have time to shoehorn in the 5th phone game?

Called it. Nintendo probably trotted out that IOS Mario game in just a couple of months. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing require more time.

FE/AC games planned for NX that link to these apps, NX not out till March. That's my guess.


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