Resident Evil 7 trademark mentions cartridges, adds fuel to NX rumors (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Some older Capcom trademarks have also included mention of cartridges, but those games never saw release on cartridge. For example, Deep Down made mention of cartridges, but that game never saw release on that format.

The official trademark registration for Resident Evil 7 lists cartridges among other media. Xbox One doesn't use cartridges, nor does PS4. Rumor has it that the NX does. That's why this find is gaining another wave of traction now after surfacing awhile back. It's important to note that some previous Capcom titles mentioned the use of cartridges in their trademarks, but cartridge releases never happened.

The recent Breath of the Wild trademark also made mention of cartridges, which once again fueled the rumor that NX will use them. Certainly a bit of speculation for the time being, but hopefully Nintendo will come forward soon and clear up some of these NX details. Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up.

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Fri Sep 16 16 06:49pm
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Welcome to the Family, RMC!

*snips beard

Very interesting. Those trademarks will tell us a lot about potential ports in the future.

Woo hoo! Please make it true!

It also says cassettes & tapes.

Commodore 64 release confirmed!

Capcom actually supporting Nintendo outside of Monster Hunter? That would be a shocker!

Not really, they usually support Nintendo on the beggining of the console life, Capcom supported the WiiU on the beggining then started to not give a dawn about it T_T

Fri Sep 16 16 08:42pm
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Well if you play MHGen & get to the monster ''Nakarkos'' the song to that monster is dead on a Resident Evil type of song which gave a little hint to Cc bringing RE to Nintendo in the future.

Here is the music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QQLP8omCW0 (This one at the start)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnn6-8cUs00 (This one throughout the muisc)

I really want to believe it will come to NX....but I also really really doubt it.

I hope I am wrong

I still feel there hasn't been an official unveiling if they said the demo experience doesn't reflect the game it's going to be. Still Capcom I think will continue to support Nintendo in some way, I especially wonder if NX is gonna be a reason for them to update their Monster Hunter engine already.

Also as a side topic. Does the exclusivity of SFV is the same as the one Nintendo has on Bayonetta 2?

This isn't too out there. Revelations was made initially for 3DS and did well for them (and ended up on Wii U), RE4 originally GC exclusive, Zero and REmake exclusive to Nintendo for over a decade...aside from recent years Nintendo is pretty synonymous with the franchise and since is this is a new system I'd bet Capcom will be there with something RE, if not RE7 itself.

I suppose I'm bias, pretty much the RE games that haven't landed on Nintendo systems are the ones I haven't liked.

It's probably just a standard form that covers every format they might produce, from carts for 3DS to discs for consoles, and not worth changing in individual cases. I see nothing here.

There are two other systems on the market that use carts you know... Both the Vita and 3DS are still in production despite being near the end of their lifespans so this could mean that its simply coming to one of those systems as well. I wouldn't bet on a main series RE on the NX considering how we only got three of them on other systems. (1, 2 and 4)

Sat Sep 17 16 01:59am
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3 (Nemesis) came out on GameCube so Nintendo actually got most of the mainline games. :P

Not getting my hopes up. In fact, I have no hopes for this at all.

Deep Down made mention of cartridges, but that game never saw release on that format.

It never saw release on any format. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Even without the cartridges info being there I'd still say there's a very good chance going on the history of Capcom and Nintendo. And if the console can handle the game then why wouldn't they if it's easy enough to port. Just makes sense.

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