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Resident Evil 7 trademark mentions cartridges, adds fuel to NX rumors (UPDATE)

by rawmeatcowboy
16 September 2016
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UPDATE - Some older Capcom trademarks have also included mention of cartridges, but those games never saw release on cartridge. For example, Deep Down made mention of cartridges, but that game never saw release on that format.

The official trademark registration for Resident Evil 7 lists cartridges among other media. Xbox One doesn't use cartridges, nor does PS4. Rumor has it that the NX does. That's why this find is gaining another wave of traction now after surfacing awhile back. It's important to note that some previous Capcom titles mentioned the use of cartridges in their trademarks, but cartridge releases never happened.

The recent Breath of the Wild trademark also made mention of cartridges, which once again fueled the rumor that NX will use them. Certainly a bit of speculation for the time being, but hopefully Nintendo will come forward soon and clear up some of these NX details. Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up.