Dragon Quest VIII to include voice acting, but not orchestrated music

Some good news and bad news on the upcoming Dragon Quest VIII port to 3DS. It has been confirmed that the title is going to include voice acting, but it won't feature orchestrated music. That means you'll get to enjoy voiced cut-scenes and more, but backed by midi tunes.

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Sat Sep 17 16 09:18am
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D'awwwww, noooo. The orchestrated soundtrack is probably my favorite part of VIII.

Definitely added to the game, such a shame it's going. Dat overworld music.

I mean, I have the OST and could listen to it whenever, but...something about the orchestral music really enhances the experience. I heard this is a licensing issue, which is even more upsetting. Stop being cheap, Square Enix.

Sat Sep 17 16 11:25am
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Even the soundtrack on VII sounds quite well, despite not being orchestrated, so I'm not really concerned.

I can understand why they had to leave it out but it's still a major bummer. Oh well, I was probably going to pass on this one anyway.

Sat Sep 17 16 12:58pm
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If it sounds as good as that of VII then I'm not worried. The smartphone version of VIII ditched voice acting and the game was worse as a result.

This was the one sticking point for me, so I won't be buying it.

That's sad but we can't have it all I suppose. I wonder if it was licencing issue or space related.

If that's any consolation think about ALBW soundtrack. It's 80-90% midi and it's still one of the best in the whole series.

Oh man, I don't know if I should upvote this or downvote it!
While I'm happy that they are bringing the voice acting back (I was dreading that they would either nix it entirely or re-dub it), the orchestrated soundtrack in the US version was such a huge imporvement over the original JP release!
I'm really gonna miss it...

I'm fine with his. The midi versions are actually really cool and a nice treat for those who haven't heard them. That's great they can fit in the voice acting. I wonder if the new scenes with have acting added as well? That would go above and beyond for sure.


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