Japan - Nintendo to refund unused DSi points

In Japan, DSi fans will be unable to add DSi Points after September 30th. Following that, on March 31st DSi users will be unable to purchase games from the DSi Shop. So what about users that still have DSi points leftover? Turns out Nintendo is going to offer a refund service for those that want to take advantage.

- refund opportunity running from April 3, 2017 to September 29, 2017
- 3 options available:

1. Convert to eShop balance for 3DS / Wii U
2. Transfer money to the user’s specified bank account
3. Receive cash from convenience stores like Lawson

- to complete these refunds, the DSi will need to be connected to the internet
- refund Nintendo Points Cards from 2018

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totally forgot about that, can't remember the particular of it .

The Wii Shop still isn't compatible with Nintendo eShop cards in North America.

That's because they are tow separate systems. But unlike the DSi store, the Wii shop channel isn't going away yet.

I really, REALLY hope they're working on how we'll be able to transfer our eShop titles to the NX. Where they will be tied to an account of course, and not a system, along with all our future eShop titles.

All the titles on there that aren't on the Japanese eShop are going to be lost...

hmm wonder if they're doing the same for American systems. I have unused points that I'd like to be converted over.


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