Hyrule Warriors Legends devs on why Marin uses a bell, how her moves were decided

A portion of a Nintendo Dream interview with producer Yosuke Hayashi

Q: Please tell me the reason as to why Marin uses a bell as a weapon.

A: We examined her appeal when reviving a pixel art Marin in a 3D world, and as a result, we decided on a concept that her innocent aura and love for singing are important. From there the discussion linked to an instrument of siren and it turned into Sea Lily’s Bell motif as that was the most charming way to express her concept.

Q: What kind of movements did you consider when making Marin a playable character?

A: Dance-like attacking and blowing enemies away by making the wind fish appear, among others. We came to decide on action that is energetic like Marin and feels exhilarating like Warriors games. The elemental attribute was decided to be water because of the image of Koholint Island. The magic spheres that come out of the bell match the form of the instrument and water, so it turned into attacking with sound bursts.


Can you tell us why the latest Wii U DLC sucks in comparison to the 3DS and yet we're expected to pay the same price?

cipher dx
Sat Sep 17 16 02:51pm
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You're not, though? The Wii U content packs are cheaper than the 3DS content packs due to them only including new characters and weapons. They're $4.99 on Wii U and $6.99 on 3DS - the first wave of Wii U packs were $7.99, so unless I'm missing something, I cant see how they're the "same" price as anything.

I wondered why they moved the ribbon to the back. It was just to make her cuter? As good a reason as any I guess.

I wonder why they gave her a terrible idol voice. She's supposed to be an awesome singer, not a morning musume clone.

Other than that, I loved this redesign.

Yeah… I can't say I've been terribly impressed with the voice acting in Hyrule Warriors. I never had a problem with generic Japanese grunts in the mainline Zelda games, but Koei's "unique" spin on the majority of the game's female characters really rubs me the wrong way. Not that it's entirely exclusive to the girl characters… King Daphnes and Young Link have some pretty undesirable voice clips too lol.

Still waiting for them to explain why Lana has a deku stick instead of Saria.


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