Paper Mario: Color Splash - NA pre-load taken offline, players accidentally play it early

We certainly didn't see this one coming! It seems that Nintendo butchered the pre-load process in North America. Many players who purchased the game discovered that they could boot up the game with no issues. They are now enjoying everything Paper Mario: Color Splash has to offer and this two weeks before it was supposed to come out.

If you want to download the game still, you are out of luck. Nintendo took the pre-load file down to stop new players from coming in. See here a few tweets to confirm our findings below!

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Fri Sep 23 16 09:41am
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Did you play through it already? :^)

Who knows maybe its a blessing in disguise, if the early impressions are good that is.

if i were them i wouldnt be too excited to play *that* game. of all the games nintendo couldve messed up on this is probably the worst

Fri Sep 23 16 09:41am
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Did you play through it already? :^)

Touche'! Well played, my friend! Many laughs from this!

I bet this was an inside job to see if there is any NX code in the game by doing data mining which I know someone out there is working on trying to see.

Ikr, some people...(sigh)

My works at Nintendo and said everyone who preload color splash will get to download the E3 Breath of the Wild demo... as an apology.

What proof to you have? If they do put the Breath of the Wild Demo up on the Wii U eShop, Heck I want a piece of that action as well if it were true lol.

You've never heard the "my uncle works at Nintendo" bit? Sure, he left out a word, but still.

Yeah, just a joke. But it would be a genius idea. I mean, if people were willing to pay $30 for a MGSV demo, they would probably buy Color Splash just to get a demo of BotW

I thought about if I would do that...and I'm not sure if I wouldn't. Kind of disappointed in myself.

Omg nnnoooooooooooooooo!

Hopefully they already had review copies sent out or we'll start seeing a bunch of butthurt journalists.

Fri Sep 23 16 02:38pm
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You forgot the inverted commas! Some folks at IGN, Kotaku et similia still think they're journalists.

In case you wanted to know, inverted commas " " or ' ' officially are called quotation marks.

Sat Sep 24 16 03:05pm
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Good to know, I was unsure whether of the two terms was the more appropriate one. Thanks!

Remember that time a store sold Pokémon games early and Nintendo tracked down everyone who bought them, then got that shop shut down forever?

I hope Nintendo comes down just as hard on this store.

What if it's a female NoA employee. And her termination is made public.

Can you not go there, please?

Honestly, I have no idea why they'd bother taking it down if the game is already completed and ready. That just seems a little silly to me. They're literally just gatekeeping the game behind its official release date just because they can, not because it's unfinished.

That would be a kiddle finger to retailers... and the rest of the world.
Taking down the preload option completely is silly... they need to fix dat.

I think they are fixing it. Just, they removed it now and will put it back up when it's fixed, I bet

Exactly, there's no point in holding back a complete game early, especially if it's digital. They only do this in stores for fair competition, since releasing stuff before they're supposed to is unfair marketing towards competition following the rules, but why do digital titles still have to go through this trash? Movies get early digital releases now in days, so why can't video games?

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