Unreleased SNES game Socks the Cat hits Kickstarter

Socks the Cat is the most anticipated unreleased video game of all-time. Ever. For any platform. Don't believe me? Grab some popcorn and "Google" it.

The premise was wacky yet simple. You play as Socks the Cat, or Socks as we affectionately call him. The ultimate pet of the 90's. The White House cat. The "First Pet" of the Clinton administration. Your mission? To fight your way through the White House battling all sort of enemies, including spies, Dobermans, protestors and satirical versions of famous political figures as end bosses. The game was set to be released on the ever popular, Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES in the early 90's.

Kickstarter here

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I don't think so....Clinton...Trump...they can all kiss my @$$....

Tue Oct 11 16 08:10am
Rating: 1

This is about an unreleased SNES game, not 2016 politics.

Tue Oct 11 16 10:01am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Thanks for the update Tom Brokaw....I wouldn't have known that without you telling me.......

You're welcome, sunshine. :P

I know they say in their FAQ that they fixed the bugs of the original and gave it a remaster treatment, but why do they want money to release a unreleased game? Sure they have the rights to it, but is asking for the original prototype for preservation too much to ask?

My only guess would be to make a profit off releasing it, but if nobody wants the game enough to justify releasing it maybe it shouldn't have tried

...no.... WHY?! Just WHY?!

The elephant and donkey are on the wrong sides in the art.


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