Oceanhorn confirmed for release on a Nintendo platform

As you can see, Oceanhorn is very heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Fans picked up on that quite quickly, but were saddened to see that the title wasn't coming over to the Nintendo side of things. Thankfully that's changed, as the official press release for the title states the game will be launching on "a Nintendo console". No specifics were given, but it seems like NX is a lock. Why would it come to Wii U at this point? Also, if it were coming to Wii U, wouldn't the press release just state it?

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I downloaded this game a few years ago on account of the glowing reviews and the obvious Zelda-inspired gameplay and aesthetics. Unfortunately I can't stand the virtual analog stick and buttons on my phone screen as an input method, especially with a game like this. Seeing it come to Nintendo with traditional controls makes me eager to give it another go.

I had kept an eye on this game through its development, but decided against buying and downloading for that very reason - virtual sticks and buttons on a touch screen are poor design decisions. I'm looking forward to checking it out with a proper control scheme.

This makes me excited for two reason, one I haven't played the game at all yet and having it on Nintendo just feels appropriate, and two this means the in-development Oceanhorn 2 has a chance of getting released for Nintendo as well!

So that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild after all lol.
Just kidding, it looks great.

The game looks great. I wish it was for the Wii U, we could do with something to fill the long barren spells.


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