IGN Snapchat story says Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer coming tomorrow (UPDATE)


I don't know what this trailer is going to be. It could be something we've already seen from Japan. It could also be something new. It would seem silly for IGN to tease a trailer that is already released, but that's just my own speculation.


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Mon Oct 24 16 10:54pm
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Will Link finally eat an octorok?

Nintendo's big investor shindig is tomorrow, could WSJ or that spokesperson be wrong? Just find it weird it's being released on that day of all days.

I am immediately giddy, but then worried that it'll show material off the Great Plateau.
(I appreciate how Nintendo has been so cautious about revealing plot details..)

Mon Oct 24 16 10:54pm
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Will Link finally eat an octorok?

At least we'll get to bomb some Dodongoes, I think.

Having infinite bombs could be a good excuse to have them as a regular enemy in the proximities of volcanoes and Death Mountain.

All I can say is I can't wait to bomb them.

After he has scrubbed all the floors of Hyrule.

Kinda tired of seeing the Plateau especially since it represents only 1%-2% of the world size. Just show anything outside of it please. A village would be nice.

Will villages have NPCs with VA?

I think at the very least a creature display could be nice.

Still anything new will be spoilers. The plateau really seems to be the showcase of how this game will play. Maybe each zone will have a different type of challenge. Like North being combat base. South being puzzle based. East being full of sidequests and west (if I recall was the Hyrule Castle ) could be the uber hard place with all enemies killing your with a mere touch.

I've been worried about the lack of towns. Too many Zelda games have only one. Ocarina of Time's world felt so much more alive because of how many there were. As fun as the big open world seems, I'd like to see some change of scenery too.

I think we've seen clear change in scenery and weather and temperature.

The thing that's not as clear is if it's reminiscing of the first game will there be big towns? Or sheltered NPCs.

We saw at the reveal what appeared to be farmers.

My guess is this really is post-apocalyptic Hyrule so we'll see groups of refugees more than towns. And then we get to help a proper town to be built and it brings along more npcs and sidequests. It's a jrpg classic but let's face it it works so well.

More adventures on the Great Plateau

To be fair. There could totally be a secret cave or area somewhere. Heck, I'll even take a fairy fountain hidden somewhere. (If they exist in this game considering they weren't prominent neither in SS or TP).

Tingle AI partner unlocked with Tingle amiibo.

I'd buy that.

*blabla character limit*

Tue Oct 25 16 12:56am
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Hmm, I think that it will just be those unlisted trailers that Nintendo Japan posted to their youtube page the day before the switch was revealed.

As someone who looks at IGN on snapchat frequently, the snapchat usually posts news that's at least a day (if not more) old, so I doubt it will be anything new.

EDIT: For those who haven't seen the videos:

World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8hDuCeG1xg
Weather: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st4bgxiOnL8
Combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEj57Jd6d3A

Thanks mate.

It also specifically says Nintendo Switch in the description so I guess that's what the NS version will look like. About the same, will probably run smoother though.

Since is a port of the Wii U game it actually might run worst (developed on Wii U arquitecture and then ported to Switch)

I really don't think so.
Nintendo is not Bethesda or Ubisoft, they know how to optimize their own games. They care about performance.

Also they know they would have a lot to lose making a Switch version that would be worst than the Wii U. I think we can realistically assume that it will run well, even though it probably won't have super noticeable graphic improvement.

I know, but this is the first time they developed on an architecture different than power PC since a while ago (gamecube, wii, wii U) so anything can happen

I went back and looked. The first video, from :40-:50 or so matches with what IGN had in their little preview on Snapchat. So yeah, definitely not anything new.

Turns out there is no trailer coming tomorrow at all according to Jose Otero on twitter.

I'm going with what we already saw yesterday but NoA traveling take to the same areas but a little different camera view. There is no way they are going to give away new areas of the game yet until its close to launch. When the trailer of new areas is released near launch, we all will see MonolithSoft awesome help on Hyrules open world & already we saw that big gaint pig that Link woke up in the Switch trailer. The world of XCX still amazes me still to this day & I can't WAIT to see the rest of Zelda's world.

See my posts above to see what the video will be about.

Oh then we should be ok for a while.

Lol IGN. How could this be the result of "poor wording"? What was their announcement supposed to be?

"Get ready! Zelda BotW trailer TOMORROW!" "Oops what we meant to say was 10 new videos about superhero movies tomorrow"


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