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Wait... so.... Empoleon isn't the last one?... WAIT A SECOND, WASN'T CROAGUNK AN ASSIST POKEMON?... welp, looks like there's more stuff coming to Pokken...

Yeah, the fact that an assist Pokemon can become a main fighter opens the floodgates to a lot of possibilities.

I think the ship has sailed on the Wii U version getting any updates or DLC, but here's hoping they make the obvious choice to bring Pokken to the Switch.


Welp... I guess I wasted my money :1 my version of Pokkén is now obsolete.

Tue Nov 01 16 09:20am
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It depends on your perspective, but if you've clocked in a lot of play time and had fun in the process, I wouldnt consider it a waste of money by any means.

Nor is it obsolete, as you can still play it, play it online, AND no "superior" console version exists yet.

Edit: I should clarify that I have Pokken on the Wii U also, and I'd argue I've gotten my money's worth.

Not my case. I stopped playing after knowing how small the roster was. Not the amount of variety I wanted. And yet I was so hyped when Darkrai was announced... *sigh*

Hope they bring it to the Switch. Missed out on Pokken due to Fire Emblem Fates and since then had other games in my backlog to finish. The Wii U version doesnt seem to have been updated with the other new pokemon as well =/.

Well, there IS one spot left, and since that Data Leak is so far fully legit, then I'd say Empoleon is a sure thing still. ^^ Wether or not the Wii-U version gets any new stuff, though, is still up in the air.

I do expect a Switch version.

I understand but I think it's total crap we don't get any of these updates for the Wii U. Is it really that hard to "port" it over. I would even pay for it.

WHAT? Well that's a surprise. Still, they better bring this to Wii U in a update... Having an incomplete version would be pretty stupid.

They use the arcade version as a playtest platform, so they will probably stay exclusive for some time, then they will be ported over.

Also yeah! It was my favorite Brock's pokemon!

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