NES Classic Edition tech specs put it above 3DS, Wii in some ways

Smarter people have looked at the NES Classic Edition innards and deciphered just what's tucked away inside the system. Believe it or not, most of these specs are above what is offered in the Wii and 3DS.

SoC: Allwinner R16 (4x Cortex A7, Mali400MP2 GPU)
RAM: Hynix (256MB DDR3)
Flash: Spansion 512MB NAND

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Fri Nov 04 16 09:38am
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games that has been ported to the eds

You mean them?

Thu Nov 03 16 10:28pm
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OMG! So now we know where some state of the art chips went!...(Stomach feeling hungry)

yeah more trolling. According to them the 3ds is less powerful than the wii , it's not. And the pica gpu is way better than any mali part, for one thing it doesn't burn you when in use. In an apple product it would be called especially designed for.. let's not stop there, it's 256 so it's half as powerful as the 360 ! better than vita

When the 3ds needed to double its specs just to run a couple of Wii ports, yeah, the Wii is stronger than the 3ds.

Thing is there was only one game that required the new CPU processor that the N3DS has. Other than that, most Wii games were ported fine.

I wonder if this edition thing will sell well. If it does, then we can see Nintendo do more of this as well.

Well, Wii U games are now being ported to the 3DS... so by that logic we could say anything.

What the hell are you on about, the Wii is much more powerful than the 3DS.

Fri Nov 04 16 08:13am
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If you guys bring "porting" as an argument to dictate that the 3ds is more powerful than the wii, then It is not a good argument. That's like saying the wii u games that has been ported to the 3ds makes it more powerful than the wiiU when it is clearly false.

Fri Nov 04 16 09:38am
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games that has been ported to the eds

You mean them?

Obvious typo but made my day HAHAHAHA

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