Monster Hunter Stories developed by Marvelous

Seems like we get a lot of this lately. You finish up a game and find out a surprise or two about who worked on a game. Case in point, Marvelous did a lot with Monster Hunter Stories. No details on just how deeply they were involved, but it certainly seems like a lot.


Oh, pretty interesting. Seems like even the big Companies outsource their IP's. But not in a bad way like Konami did it with Silent Hill. Let's take World of Final Fantasy as an example. The Game was developed bei Tose, the Ghost Company. Tose helped working on countless Title, but you won't see the Name of the Company in the Credits for the most projects they worked on. It was different this time with World of Final Fantasy, simply because they were the main developer this time. Of course there worked a few key people from Square Enix on World of Final Fantasy, otherwise it wouldn't be Final Fantasy. I think the same goes to Monster Hunter Stories. Key people from the previous Games were involved, but Marvelous had worked on the whole structure of the Game. But come to think of it, this is not the first time I hear Marvelous is involved with a well known IP. There was either something Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy related where Marvelous helped at the development.

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