UK retailer lists Switch with £198.50 price, offers price guarantee

We don't normally list price placeholders for systems since there are just so many out there. With that said, this one is something special.

GameSeek in the UK currently has the Switch listed for £198.50, which would be a lovely launch price indeed. Why is this a big deal? GameSeek offers a preorder price guarantee.

With our Pre-order Price Guarantee, you can order now and if the GameSeek price increases between the time you place your order and the release date, you'll be charged the lower price.

GameSeek isn't looking to lose big money on their preorders, Switch included. We don't have a price confirmation just yet, but this is the closest thing we've got!


Anyone in Europe might want to try to pre-order this and be guarenteed said price.

Wed Nov 23 16 11:49am
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If that's truly the case, then prepare for another Wii graphically. As in it won't be any better than the last gen (Wii U) graphically.

But I hope I'm wrong. All this positivity from 3rd party developers must mean there's some sort of hidden power that we're not currently aware of.

What? Based on everything we know from the reliable rumors we know that it is at least stronger than the Wii U. The PS4 and Xbone came out 3 years ago, so it is not impossible for the Switch to be prized like this. The thing we don't know if its power is in the range of those consoles, but based on what we know so far, its below Xbone.

PS4 slim came out 1 MONTH ago, the volume of the case is probably equal to 5-6 switches and it's blistering hot - much too hot for a handheld.

There are still things we don't know. In the rumors Laura as been given out, she states that the dock adds extra processing power (it is not just an HDMI IN) so its not impossible to think that the dock has its own cooling system as well. I am not saying it will be PS4 level ( I believe it will be below Xbone like rumors suggest), but saying it will not be better than the Wii U graphically (what the previous poster said) its not likely.

Nintendo is smart to leak the Switch price that they are currently considering. This way, they can see what the consumer response is. If it's positive, then they're good to go, but if it's negative, then they can still change it before it's officially announced. I would have started with a $299 or $349 price leak, just to see if it were possible to get away with a price that high. I don't see any way that Nintendo can increase the price before launch without it looking bad to consumers.

Actually I recall as soon as the Switch was announced a lot of the discussion was naturally (or was it?) around 299-349, so Nintendo had enough material to consider that.

Now they're gauging 199-249.

They do charge on order, so not really worth the guarantee.


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