Fan creates "light" version of Smash Bros. Melee that runs via web browser

Melee Light is a fan-made version of Smash Bros. Melee that runs in a web browser. It uses fan-remixes of music and tries to steer clear of copyright issues by using silhouettes of characters, instead of actual assets. Something tells me Nintendo is going to swoop in on this one anyway.

Check it out here


Why bother with this when you can just play Melee itself via Dolphin?

That's far from the point.

Ah it's time for a "rinse, repeat" again. People never learn..

Mon Nov 28 16 11:46pm
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Well... I would actually argue that in THIS case, it may be considered more like a parody... the game is so deconstructed that it may pass the test.

... and that's probably the first time I actually defend a fan-games.

yeah that should not work


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