Ubisoft 30th anniversary video features Mario, Luigi & Toad Rabbids

Well this is certainly very interesting. There's been a rumor floating around that Nintendo and Ubisoft have teamed up on an RPG for the Switch that brings together the worlds of the Rabbids and Mushroom Kingdom. It's just rumor for now, but the Ubisoft 30th anniversary celebration has some content that fans the flames of speculation.

As you can see above, the video features a Ubisoft event where Mario, Luigi and Toad-style Rabbids are on display. Is this a little tease of the rumored project, or nothing more than oddly coincidental art?

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Tue Nov 29 16 01:37am
Rating: 6

It's time to bring the rabbit ears back.

Whyyyyyyyy Nintendo

Tue Nov 29 16 01:25am
Rating: 2

Never been a fan of the rabbids.

Wish the collaboration was something like Zelda x Assassin's Creed.

Tue Nov 29 16 01:51am
Rating: 1

Wish the collaboration was something like Zelda x Assassin's Creed.

Ehh... that actually sounds pretty terrible. Not that Mario x Rabbids sounds amazing, but at least it makes some amount of sense.

Tue Nov 29 16 02:07am
Rating: 1

There's only one Nintendo franchise that would fit with AC.

It has time travel, a lot of jumping around, killing monsters across the centuries, and facing a sci fi threat that threatens the world.

which game is that? looks fun =P

Zoda's revenge: StarTropics 2

I guess it's just a byproduct of my adoration for the Link x Assassin's Creed fanart.

Always thought it looked cool

Tue Nov 29 16 01:37am
Rating: 6

It's time to bring the rabbit ears back.

Except now it'll be Rabbid ears.

Mario's already familiar with using a plunger, too.

Mario's already familiar with using a plunger, too.

Is he?

Why, yes, I'd say he is. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I for bwaaah excepts out new Rabbit overloards.

Can't wait to see this concept in a trailer, haha. I really hope Bowser has his own epic bwaah.

I'm also not a fan of the Rabbids. They're just the same as minions. Like carbon copies of them. Why not Mario X Rayman? Makes too much sense too team them up?

Uuummm... Rayman Raving Rabbids came out kong before Despicable Me...

As for the rumored game. I'm intrigued. Just not excited. If it's a real Super Mario RPG with an engaging battle system unlike Sticker Star or Color Splash then I'll be super excited. Last month I ran into my Old Facebook posts about the Rabbids tryna get to the moon and missed the Rabbids zaniness. Yes I heard Color Splash was actually quite good especially in humor, but if the way the gameplay isn't engaging for me (hence my username) how am I supposed to trudge through such a game...

The rumor is much more believable now. I like the Rabbids characters but I don't like their minigame compilations. I'm more worried about the gameplay than the setting.

We've strayed so far from God's light.

Tue Nov 29 16 11:28am
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Ugh...the Rabbids are so annoying but since we live in a world where mindless characters screaming is what the kids are into nowadays I guess kids will find enjoyment out of it. The only way I see myself enjoying this game if the story is like the origin story of Nabbit. It's so weird it could work.

"For centuries Yoshi's and Rabbids have raged war on one another in secret. The Rabbids are mad that Yoshi's have stolen and eaten all of their fruit. Now with the Rabbids homeworld completely drained of food. Rabbids have been dying off from starvation for years. So one Rabbid named Jerry has disguised himself in purple get up and dawned the name "Nabbit" and has assembled a rag tag team of Rabbid mercenaries to invade Yoshi's Island as well as the Mushroom Kingdom to steal some of their food. The Yoshi's find out about the recent food shortages going on and enlist the help of Mario, Luigi, and Toad to help out. The Rabbids battle Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi but realize they can't win against them. So the Rabbids retreat and decide to make a deal with Bowser in exchange for all of the Mushroom Kingdom's food the Rabbids will deliver Princess Peach to Bowser. So Rabbids team up with the Koopa Army but once again in the middle of the game are thwarted by Mario. But Bowser and the Rabbids aren't giving up yet they know they can't beat the Mario Bros. they are just too powerful and good so Bowser and the Rabbids travel back in time when the Mario Bros. were babies being raised by Yoshi on Yoshi's Island during the secret food wars. Nabbit is in charge of stealing the babies away from Yoshi before Kamek can to change the future"


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