Toys R' Us locations nationwide to get new shipment of NES Classic Edition on Dec. 4th

“All stores nationwide will have a new shipment of Hatchimals and the NES Nintendo Classic edition in stores this Sunday, December 4.” - Toys R' Us company rep

No word on what time exactly, but call up your local TRU now and ask them for info! Better get ready to sleep outside the night before!

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Minor clarification; some of the Toys R us stores already have them. However, you are not allowed to buy them until the specified date (or possibly Saturday.).

Hopefully more than three per shop this time.

Oh, nice to see scalpers get their inventory replenished - just in time for the holidays! Meeerrry Christmas!

Took the words right out of my mouth. They'll be in stock in the morning so scalpers with no real jobs can get them, and those of us with jobs can just be SOL.

It's a sunday, so in theory, you would be less likely to be working. Given, anyone working retail or fast food or whatever is screwed, but yeah.

Apparently there were another whopping 2-4 sent to each store. SO if you didn't sleep outside of your Toys R Us, Nintendo screwed you yet again.

Eh... much as I want one of these, I'll wait until AFTER Christmas. It's simply not worth the effort people are going to here. I imagine they'll be available everywhere pretty easily come January.

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