Nintendo files new trademark for Excite Truck

We don't know quite what's going on, but Nintendo has filed a new trademark for Excite Truck. It also seems that Nintendo hasn't handled the trademark registration for the previous Excite Truck trademark, so they could be letting the old one lapse and just grabbing a new one. We'll keep an eye on this to see if anything comes of it.

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Probably a VC release.

Tue Dec 13 16 05:17pm
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My thoughts exactly. If memory serves ET was released near the beginning of the Wii's life, so it would make sense if it's 'mark was nearly up.

A new Wave Race and a new Excite Truck sounds waaaaay too good to be true.

Interesting how both the GC and Wii launch window titles seem to all be coming in some form for the Switch [new Zelda, a Smash port, and the aforementioned two rumours etc.]!

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