Multiple European Pokémon tournament players harshly penalized over paperwork issues

The people organizing the European Pokémon tournament are proving to be extremely strict with competitor paperwork, as they've pulled a handful of people from participating due to minor mistakes on their sign-up sheets.

For example, one competitor had mistakenly wrote that his Pokemon was holding a Miracle Seed instead of a Meadow Plate. This minor mistake lead to the player losing the ability to use that Pokemon, and also was given a game loss.

It seems that hackers using a Battle Box glitch are why the organization is being so strict with paperwork. They're on the lookout for players using a glitch that lets them change stats, items and moves at any time. When the paperwork discrepancies turn up, swift action is taken, even if it's just a simple transcription mistake.

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Thu Dec 22 16 02:45pm
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lmfao If only the 3DS didn't get hacked, none of this shit would have happen

Thanks smealum!


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