Nintendo registered a new trademark for Super Famicom controller image

Naturally, this may be something to protect themselves for the future, but wouldn't it be neat to maybe get a SNES Classic Edition?

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The controllers themselves, in the sense of being like the Nes Classic Controllers, already exist, they were Club Nintendo exclusives during the Wii era. I have one.

Tue Dec 27 16 03:50am
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Numerous companies have been using the exact SNES controller design for their knock-offs. This trademark could be an attempt to curb that... I'm not sure, though.

SNES Classic system for the holidays next year as the Switch takes full prominence and the 3DS is quickly and quietly discontinued around Q1 '18 I bet.

Would it be neat to have another item no one but scalpers can get? Do we live in other realities? Did Nintendo send you an NES classic RMC? Because for the rest of us it's impossible.


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