Super Mario Bros.: The Movie Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-ray releasing on Feb. 13th

Artwork by Paul Shipper - @paulshipper

Brooklyn plumbers Mario and Luigi get the shock of their lives when they discover a parallel world populated by the intelligent descendants of dinosaurs! It seems they weren't destroyed by a meteor millions of years ago but hurled into another dimension and now have plans to rule our world. It's up to our unlikely heroes to battle the evil King Koopa and his 'Goomba guards, fre the beautiful Princess Daisy and save mankind in this adventure of a lifetime.

'This Ain't No Video Game'

Brand new 60 minute documentary featuring new interviews with Co-directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, Producer Roland Joffe, Actors John Leguizamo and Richard Edson, Writer Parker Bennett, Production Designer David Snyder, Art Director Walter Martishius, FX Artists Paul Elliot, Vincent Guastini and Rob Burman, Visual FX Designer Chris Woods, Editor Mark Goldblatt and Creature Designer Patrick Tatopoulos. Archive interviews with Bob Hoskins and producer Jake Eberts.

Bonus Features:

'Making Of'
Original Electronic Press Kit
Behind The Scenes/ Storyboard Galleries
English Subtitles For Hard of Hearing

It seems this product might be exclusive to Zavvi, so you'll have to shop through them to pick up your copy. Certainly worth the trouble for one of the greatest movies ever made...right?!


Wed Dec 28 16 01:17pm
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Day 1 buy for me!!! /lie>

And out there somewhere, Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins are rolling over in there graves

Wed Dec 28 16 01:21pm
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That's my birthday. What a horrible birthday present!

It's the day after my birthday. I'll gladly accept it as a belated b-day gift. LOL

I love Steelbooks, and I have yet to actually see this movie. I'd love to get this.

Yes, I know the movie is suppose to be pretty terrible, but terrible movies are good for that very reason sometimes, so, yay. ^^

Yeah, to me this movie is in the "So bad that it's good" category. I liked those jet boots and laser-shooting Super Scopes, though.

If there's nothing else on TV to see but this movie, I'd gladly watch it.

I watched this as a kid, and I remember liking it. I probably wouldn't like it as much now, but I know I've seen much worse video game movies. Maybe expectations were too high.

Jan 13 would have been better, for that date is friday the 13!

I can't wait actually for this. I don't think it's super great but I have liked it, and still do after rewatching it on Discovery Family recently.

Younger Nintendo fans can't understand that it made slightly more sense because of what we were lead to believe when it came to Mario's origins with Brooklyn. That was the American canon after the Super Mario Bros Super Show (and because there was never any in-game references to anything else back then) until Yoshi's Island. That always pissed me off as a kid seeing Baby Mario and Luigi getting dropped off at a Mushroom Kingdom house at the end of that game.

Wed Dec 28 16 07:17pm
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haha rare to see Blu-ray releases being covered here; but yeah the SMB movie has released on Blu-ray format years ago just in the European countries, but not yet the US, and I'm sure it's region-free also. The new art for this Zavvi steelbook is pretty neat though. I still like the original poster art the best.


This movie was released in theaters on my bday (May 28th)

Maybe that's why I love it so much, been wanting this on Blu-ray for along time.

We still can't get Evolution or Idiocracy on Blu Ray but a collector's edition of this now exists.

*insert original Farnsworth quote here*


why are they doing this

As much as I hated the film, I gotta admit the boxart looks decent.

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