The man behind Mario/Zelda on CD-i almost released a Donkey Kong parking attendant game with SEGA

The following comes from Stephen Radosh, the man who was responsible for bringing Mario and Zelda to the CD-i...

- Radosh left Atari and landed at Sega
- Radosh mostly worked on arcade cabinets-

“Somehow Sega had gotten the rights to Donkey Kong. (You played as Donkey Kong, who was a parking attendant) You were dodging cars that were pulling in and out of the lot, and you had to get X number of cars parked in spaces.”

As you can probably guess, the game never saw release. Man, wouldn't a prototype of that game be an absolute goldmine for collectors!


Thu Dec 29 16 01:12pm
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How in the WORLD would Sega ever have the rights to Donkey Kong? And if they did, wouldn't they have taken advantage of it at some point?

I'm less interested in the fact that there was almost a DK parking attendant game, and more so interested in the fact that Sega had the rights to make a Donkey Kong game at some point, but never used them. I want to know that story.

Depending on when in time this happened, it wouldn't be odd at all. For example, Coleco had the rights to make DK arcade ports for the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and InteliVision back then. Also Mario Bros. was ported a lot of various consoles as well.

I'm certainly curious myself. I'm guessing it would have been an arcade game and not a game for a Sega console, which makes me think maybe this was during a period in the 80s before Sega released the Genesis/Mega Drive (or maybe even before the Master System).

I hadn't even thought of that era... I had assumed it was the post-Dreamcast "Sega's on other systems" era, when the rivalry was dead and Nintendo was going to other companies like Namco to put out arcade games.

Thu Dec 29 16 03:33pm
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Well, we had Fantasy Zone, After Burner and (the most notable) Puyo Puyo on Nintendo systems before SEGA went 3rd-party, but I think this is the first time we hear of SEGA having Nintendo IPs.

Side note: There were also SEGA IPs on the TurboGrafx-16, the ones I can remember seeing are OutRun, Thunder Blade and After Burner.

As for the parking attendant game: Are there parkings in the jungle, let alone cars?

There is also Sonic Jam on the.... Game.com...

Fri Dec 30 16 06:13pm
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And Fighters Megamix was on Game.com as well.

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