Minor Switch details - Wii LAN adapter supported, dual-band wifi/Bluetooth, AC adapter info

While not the most exciting stuff, we have a few tidbits about the Switch coming from the recent FCC filing.

- the Wii LAN adapter will be supported for connecting to the internet
- the system features dual-band wifi and Bluebooth
- 802.11b/g/n/ac on 2.4 and 5ghz
- Bluetooth on BRD, ERD and Low Energy modes
- 39 watt AC adapter

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You're telling me. The hunk of plastic dock. Doesn't have a Ethernet port built in...

I'm happy to hear the ethernet adapter I bought for Splatoon will still work for the new one. The adapter is pretty standard, and third party ones are very cheap online.

And I'm here just hoping Nintendo still has free internet connection...

Fri Dec 30 16 11:42am
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So, we still have to pay for an adapter for something that should've been on the system in the first place.

I think they want to make the docks as cheap as possible.

Sat Dec 31 16 11:06am
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While that is possible, I don't believe that adding an ethernet port would skyrocket the price of the dock that much. And what's good about making the dock "cheaper" when you need to dish out extra cash to buy an adapter for something basic? Ninty sure learned a lot from Apple.

Fri Dec 30 16 12:54pm
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It's 2016 (almost 2017) and Nintendo still won't include the most basic of networking features in their systems: A built-in ethernet port.

What a waste of a good USB port....

All sunshine and rainbows, eh?

heh, if you haven't noticed here in 2016, ethernet is a bit of an endangered species when it comes to consumer electronics.

I'm hoping the dock has an ethernet port.

There are still people without Wi-Fi at home?

It's more that for most people, ethernet still delivers less latency and more stability than WiFi. If I play Splatoon or Smash Bros online over wireless instead of wired, I get more connection drops and the difference in lag is noticeable.

Routers still prioritize their bandwidth on ethernet rather than wifi. Just try to watch a single youtube video on wifi when someone else is playing online using ethernet.

Well, anyway, it will probably only work while docked, in portable mode it'll need to use the WiFi anyway.
But 5ghz is really good, it will make it able to use the full extend of my 130mb/s internet connection! :D (and render an adapter useless in my case)

Hmm, well I'm surprise that you can use the Wii-lan adapter. Maybe I can put good use for it when I get the Switch if I'm not using Wifi.


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