GAME Switch advertising shows The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as releasing in March

This is a tough one to decipher. On one hand, with news of retailers getting Switch advertising this week, you'd like to think these advertisements are up-to-date with their info. On the other hand, perhaps it's an older ad that was printed before a possible release date change. It's all up in the air right now. Which side of the fence are you on?


My local walmart has strangely emptied out the 3DS case completely. It's just empty now... Like it's waiting to be filled by something.
It really makes my walmart look even sadder... It has two cases of preorder cards, two cases for xbox one, one case for wii u, wii and now 3DS game games stacked at the bottom, and case for ps4/3 and... I think vita.


Fri Dec 30 16 02:51pm
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I am genuinely conflicted. Emily and Laura have very real street cred when it comes to rumors, but they have couched their language as non-absolute on this topic, so their rumor doesn't definitely close the topic..

Meanwhile, everything Nintendo is doing screams that the game is a Launch Day title. The game has become synonymous with the Switch. It's ever-present as the face of the Switch's offerings in all marketing materials. And now, this latest happening reinforces the impression.

So I'm torn.

I will say this: if Nintendo reveals BotW to be a Launch Day title on the evening of January 12th and GameStop announces that preorders will begin on the morning of the 13th.. get ready for an overnight preorder camping trip! And bundle-up - it'll likely be cold outside!

Laura Kate Dale has said she "doesn't believe" the title will make launch from what she's heard. That's hardly confirmation though. With a lot of the stuff Nintendo has been saying and showing with screenshots lately, I think it could definitely make launch. She has also said in recent interviews that it could make launch, she's just not sure.

It's probably the Wii U version that's giving the uncertainty. They could probably get the Switch version out in time no problem but they are probably debating whether to launch both versions simultaneously or not. And by that I don't mean I think they will just let the finished Switch version just sit there while the finish the Wii u version. It's probably more like they can expend more resources towards catching the Wii u version up which, at cost, wouod cause the Switch version to miss March launch.

My brother was in a UK GAME Store and they even had display cases as well with Wii games feature box art.

It will be March and I dont care what anyone elae says for BotW.

Just let me believe! :<

Fri Dec 30 16 04:51pm
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It just doesn't make any logical or business sense for BotW to miss the Switch launch. The reason the Switch launch was pushed back to March was specifically stated so that the games were ready - this would include BotW. If Zelda is going to miss the Switch launch, then they should have launched the Switch in November with whatever they had.

Historically speaking, only TP became the launch title for a system. The Zelda games have almost always been late to the party. So I don't get all the fuss just because BotW might miss the Switch's launch.

Sat Dec 31 16 06:25pm
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They want to release it in March instead of delaying it? Fine by me. I'm getting the Wii U version, anyway.

...If I decide to purchase it at launch, that is.


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