Fire Emblem Fates voice actor working on unnamed Nintendo project

Coming from the resume of voice actor, Sarah E.R. Blandy...

Well now, anyone care to guess what's going on here? Another Fire Emblem project or something completely different? Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!

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Its going to be the Fire Emblem warriors game that I informed people on Miiverse in which KoeiTemco is making.

And how would you even know this? Not that it wouldn't be totally awesome, but I've not heard this mentioned at all before.

It was all over Miiverse.

Its there with a lot of people yeahing it.

Uhh... I'm confused... how does this prove a Fire Emblem Warriors game is happening?

It doesn't. Literally just speculation.

Sat Dec 31 16 12:31am
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KoeiTecmo wanted to do a starfox warriors game but S.M said no instead. Since FireEmblem has blown up everywhere it fits perfect for KoeiTecmo to make it since FireEmblem has a huge library of charactors for a warriors game beside the 4 charactors with StarFox which would not fear good.

Sat Dec 31 16 01:06am
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A little off topic, but if they do make a Hyrule Warriors sequel, I kinda wanna see them turn it into a Zelda/Fire Emblem crossover, featuring equal amounts of characters and reference to both games.

Not that Zelda doesn't have plenty of potential newcomers, but I've heard some warriors games have over a hundred characters... far more than Zelda could do alone. But between Zelda and Fire Emblem, they could definitely pull off a big playable cast, much bigger than either could do alone.

Sat Dec 31 16 11:49am
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One thing to remember about the Warriors titles

Dynasty Warriors is based on the Chinese novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a story with over four hundred "main characters" including a small amount of fictitious ones, all you really need to make is the moveset and throw it on anyone you like. Plus they're on their 8th (not including upgraded versions) game.

Samurai Warriors is based on hundreds of real and Mythological Japanese folklore heroes and tales, including some God's iirc, this one is most like Hyrule Warriors in that a lot of moveset groundwork is laid out in their actual tales, i.e. Musashi Miyamoto was a well known Swordsman who wielded two swords. It's also their 4th game (again not counting upgrades)

Warriors Orochi is a mash up of the two above with a couple dozen guest characters thrown in. (This is already on its third with around 3-4 upgraded versions released too)

Haven't played the Gundam Musou titles so I can't comment on those, but looking at their other one-shot games inspired by other IP, (Arslan, Berserk, Fist of the North Star) they all feature a much more reserved cast number of around 12-20 unless an upgraded version or post launch DLC happens.

Not trying to poop on your parade, I'd die to have a Fire Emblem Warriors game with 100+ units but if history shows anything it's that the game will launch with about 15 if it were to happen, maybe closer to 20.
And hell yes, a Zelda/Fire Emblem Warriors crossover would be a dream come true.

I never said I expected a Zelda Warriors or Fire Emblem Warriors title with 100+ characters... actually, the very idea sounds terrifying; I only ever got two or three characters past level 100 in Hyrule Warriors.

I'm just saying if they really want to make a truly massive playable character roster they should continue with what they started with Hyrule Warriors; make a Hyrule Warriors sequel and turn it into a crossover with Fire Emblem. Between new Zelda characters and the entirety of Fire Emblem... well, I don't see them hitting 100+, but they'd definitely have plenty of character options.

Whoops, my bad.
I do agree it would be a grand idea though.

Heck, a Smash Bros style collection of Nintendo Characters in a Musou game would be another dream come true.

...Or it could be for the Fire Emblem mobile game? Which we know is a thing?

Not to say that a Fire Emblem Warriors isn't happening, but saying that it will just because it makes sense is...eh? It's possible, sure, considering that Koei Tecmo wanted to do a Star Fox Warriors, but was denied that. Nintendo could have said "We don't want anyone else to touch Star Fox at the moment, but you can do Fire Emblem instead." But that just isn't something we know to any degree. (Unless you do happen to have insider info.)

I highly highly doubt they would hire voice actors for an FE mobile game. It would require too many actors and wouldn't be worth the cost just for a (presumably) $10 game.

True. They're more likely to just reuse the grunts, stock phrases, and such recorded for previous FE games. Which brings me back to being clueless about what this project might be.

Never heard of Cup of Tea Productions. Hmn a recording studio I guess…

Oh they were involved in Fire Emblem Awakening. Interesting.


It's another Fire Emblem character for Super Smash Bros. for the Switch! Yay!


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