Coro Coro magazine says The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is due out this Spring

The launch date saga for Breath of the Wild continues. Coro Coro says the game is coming out this Spring. That would mean that March, April and May are possibilities. I really think we need to start betting on what the real date will be. I honestly have no idea what to think anymore. I know I want March, but I'm not sure I believe it'll come out then!


I don't know Coro Coro's track record with posting release dates/details like this but I would say I generally trust them more than people posting rumors.

The Wii U Zelda is on track to getting release March 2017. The Switch Zelda will release after E3 when Nin show cases the secret Switch idea with Zelda Switch.

I really don't think Nintendo would do that. For one, they've already promised simultaneous release for both versions. Would be a bit of a jerk move to backtrack on that. And two, even if they did backtrack on simultaneous release, why would Nintendo release a new title on older hardware first, then on their newest offering second (and months later, no less)?

Heck, just go back to Twilight Princess: first on Wii to help drive sales on the new hardware, then on Gamecube for those who didn't plan on getting on a Wii anytime soon (or just couldn't find one). If simultaneous release isn't a thing, then we're definitely getting the Switch version first, then the Wii U version a few weeks later for any Wii U owners who are taking a "wait-and-see" approach to Nintendo's new console.

Well they said the problem would come from localization so I'm a bit scared that this means only EU gets it later.


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