RUMOR - Mother 3 hitting Switch Virtual Console in Q2 2017

The one rumor that's escaped Emily Rogers for years. Now Laura is coming forward and staking a claim on it. Announced at the Jan. 12th, 2016 Switch event, due out Q2 2017. Man, this event is going to be CRAZY!


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Mon Jan 02 17 07:18pm
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Mon Jan 02 17 12:24pm
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Welp. I hope that the burned journalist from Nintendo's Robot Chicken sketch of E3 2014 is happy.

Oh God, this... I'm so excited, this better be true! Smile

Uh oh! This is about to get ugly.

Mon Jan 02 17 12:31pm
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If this turns out to be real, I will be really upset that it was spoiled =/. She said she would not reveal any more surprises since the event is close by, but then decides to reveal this.

She's out to make a living. That is why she left her "hotdog" stand to make more $ in this field. She has already got a taste of all eyes on her kinda power & its hard to let that die once you become a icon. She is going to continue to spoile a lot throughout this year just watch.

Uh-huh, yeah, sure. Just like the other bunch of times it was supposed to come out on VC.

Yyyyyyeah, I'm not going to believe anything Mother 3 related for a while now. Sorry. Been there.

What's so great about this game anyway & why hasn't Nin released the game giving the amount of fans that want it. Also will the game even sell 1m based on how old this game is? I have part 1 on my Wii U but it has yet to even pull me in. I stopped playing after the cave from the start.

Mon Jan 02 17 12:48pm
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*says she'll hold back on leaks*
*continues to leak more than a burst pipe*

(Also, if this is right, does Emily get the credit, or Laura?)

Mon Jan 02 17 01:32pm
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Trick question - neither get credit because they're pulling it out of their butts. If you throw out dates enough times eventually you'll be right!

Is this Mother3 that phenomenal of a game to run up emotions every time?

It's a pretty damn good game yes.

That's what I thought. Then I played it. If there was ever a game that justified games as art, Mother 3 is it. In my opinion, Mother 3 is one of Nintendo's greatest achievements.

It's a decent story with an OK battle system in my opinion.
It's 100x better than Earthbound though, I honestly don't understand the love for that game.

Look at current Nintendo. It's obvious they started working on it for Wii U, then abandoned ship. If mother 3 is a launch title in NA for the switch it's going to sell to a hard core number of people.

We don't know if the game will sell gang busters or hotcakes. They missed the boat on this game years ago by not releasing it to the west & why? They must have seen 1 & 2 wasn't selling that great for them not to release the 3rd one. I'm still trying to find out why some fans are going crazy over the game.

Mon Jan 02 17 01:39pm
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I still trust rumors from her (and any other supposed "insider") as much as I trust a 27,5 dollar bill, but didn't she say that she would have left the "really huge surprises" for the actual presentation?

If more than anything, this shows to me her seriousness about the things she's saying, thus making these supposed leaks even more questionable to my eyes...

Mon Jan 02 17 01:51pm
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The thing about Mother 3 that people gotta remember before throwing Laura and Emily (moreso Emily and Liam) under the bus is that a bunch of people have come out to say that they've heard of a Mother 3 port in the works. Nintendo Force people, Nintendo Enthusiast people, I believe even GameInformer people. I've been super curious as to what's been happening with this project.

So utterly stoked for the 12th. Only a few short days away.

So LKD has reached Emily Rogers levels... Guess I'll wait for that female link

Yes, I know what Mother 3 is, but it sounds weird that Nintendo would think that an eleven year old game (2006!) is what will draw people, as opposed to Switch software. Then again, when this gen came out, ms/sony were trumpeting that you could now play all kinds of crappy indie titles with 8-bit styled graphics on your expensive new toy, as opposed to the computer you probably also have, where it'd be much cheaper.

I'm honestly just as confused. I really enjoyed Mother 1/EB Beginnings, but M2 was a game I found to be a bit of a drag due to a horrible early start, but I still loved it due to the exploration.

...Yet Mother 3 is a chapter based game? I don't know, just seems like another RPG to me. Nothing that would make it "OMG THIS MUST COME TO NA NOW" from what it seems. I'll still check it out when it comes out though.

Like Majora's Mask most of the game unfolds in a single town, that changes in several ways. Also unlike the previous Mother games the dark stuff is front and center. Like a good all ages story, a kid could play this an be amused by the weirdness and an older player can chew on the subtext some ideas have, be it a joke or trying to get what the author was implying.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that they see this game as something that pleases fans more than draws people to a new console.

fred duck
Mon Jan 02 17 09:24pm
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I think fans would be more pleased if they'd just released it in the west at some time in the last eleven years. :P As GBA VC already exists, it appears Nintendo is intentionally withholding it to reveal it as a BIG SURPRISE. I will be proven 2000% right if they decide that ONLY Switchâ„¢ VC will be good enough to run this eleven year old game.

Now that you mention it, you reminded me that when Earthbound came out on Wii U VC, Nintendo decided to be jerks and charge an extra $2 (a 25% increase) just because. Or when Earthbound Beginnings came out costing an extra $2 (+ 40%).

GBA game rentals on Wii U eShop are priced at $6.99 for regular titles and $7.99 for games they think they can squeeze customers a little harder. I will be totally unsurprised if Mother 3 comes out at $8.99 (+29%).

The jury is still out about the whole Super Mario All Stars pricing thing or Wii to Wii U VC "convenience charge" (that also ignores your save data). I mean, there are just certain things that make companies look insatiably greedy and well, I've seen people in the comments sections grousing.

What I want to know, is why are there not these distinct, oddball internet personalities who constantly leak "insider info" on Sony or MS news. All these kids seem to exclusively be "Nintendo News" people.

Certainly interesting.....

My guess is that Sony and MS let's everyone's look up there skirts, so they've got nothing to hide.

Nintendo might be the worst gaming company when it comes to being open with information, so I guess people "leak information" cuz they know people are hungry for it

Mon Jan 02 17 07:18pm
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I'm calling BS on this one. We all know that the "Mother 3" ship has set sail and is gone for good.


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