Tue Jan 03 17 04:00pm
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By the power of the triforce engine this looks unbelievable awesome! Will there be a XenoBlade Chronicles unreal Engine as well?...

Tue Jan 03 17 04:44pm
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Looks pretty great, but why all the dislikes??

Tue Jan 03 17 05:09pm
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It's the groan-inducing fact that there has been these reports and "news" of Nintendo games on Unreal engines to a point it almost feels like that the stigma with Nintendo is their graphical power, or there lack -of.

Honestly, they're neat, but the overall reaction I see when it's reported is "Why can't Nintendo do X, Y, Z and everything else like this?!" shortly afterwards.

And I HARDLY see other games given this treatment.

The irony is how most games using Unreal rarely go for the art direction Nintendo goes for. Maybe one could also see it that way, on how despite claims about Nintendo not investing on more technical prowess it's evident it's not worth it. I think Kingdom Hearts is like the only one using Unreal for something that isn't meant to be taken seriously (disregarding how seriously Kingdom Hearts takes it's story).

Oooohh... well I can understand that perspective. But for me, personally, I just enjoy seeing these games in a different light. Thanks for the response, though!

From a technical standpoint it looks good, but from an artistic standpoint it looks awful. Everything looks like dull and lifeless with too bright lighting and the consistency of plasticine.

The art style and the engine doesnt blend well together for some reason. It looks kind of weird

Groot was totally the best part of Ocarina.

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