GoNintendo - Today's Big Story (1/4/17): Exclusive on GameStop online Switch preorders & more

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Jan. 4th, 2017. Wondering when you can grab your online preorder of the Switch from GameStop? We've got some inside info for you! We've also got early word on when GameStop might have the Switch price/release date!

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even tho I love how Nintendo is back with it's red logo, that black and white Switch logo looks beautiful

What about Amazon, or is Nintendo still fighting with them? I do not shop at GameStop.

Wed Jan 04 17 07:19pm
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My guess is that RMC's source is a gamestop employee, so that's all he can confidently speak about.

Wed Jan 04 17 08:18pm
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I just hope the Switch preorders are along the lines of the PS4 & XB1 preorders and don't follow the path of the NES Classic launch disaster.

On one hand, I would like to look at the NES Classic as an exception. Nintendo saw it as a limited novelty item for the nostalgic crowd. Not something that the masses would make into one of the hottest holiday toys available. I would think that Nintendo would treat the Switch as a full on product and do preorders accordingly.

On the other hand...Nintendo has been failing at preorders for a long time now.

If you do get the Switch Price and other release info early, please keep it in a spoiler, including the title.

I'd rather get the information from the presentation than spoiled a couple hours before hand.

Wed Jan 04 17 10:17pm
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Don't forget the WiiU launch. They sold a ton of units and made more revenue than in the Wii launch.
Star wars infinity died in large part because they had tons of inventory sitting in warehouses. $167 million dollars worth!
Nintendo can't afford handling inventory badly like that. They have to be smarter. Smarter means nor making units that you can't sell.
Inventory management is hard. I hate not being Nintendo product as well, but the alternative is death, just ask Disney infinity.

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