Nintendo looking to hire new PR manager

Public Relations Manager, Nintendo of America

Location: Redwood City, California

Do you want to be a part of the Nintendo public relations team that is going to make history in video games and beyond in 2017? Nintendo is embarking on an exciting journey ahead, with the launch of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch, release of blockbuster games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and momentum in the mobile space building off of popular games such as Super Mario Run.

We’re looking for a superstar Public Relations Manager with a proven track record who will help us tell these and many other stories. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding and experience with the kids, parents, family media landscape and strong relationships with top media, bloggers and influencers as well as a working knowledge of social media. Also a passion for video games and experience with product launches appealing to a broad range of consumers. If that’s you and you’d love to be part of the adventure, we want to hear from you.

Full job listing here

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Just get sonic to do it.

Memes! Memes everywhere!

They sure as hell need one! Too bad they didn't hire one for the Wii U!

I mean, if they did have one before, do we know who it was?

They don't need better PR. They need to do things that CREATE better PR, as in the exact opposite of most of the things they've done the last few years.

I formally submit my application, I have zero experience and zero web presence

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